Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two Irresistable Things

1.  Enormous glasses.  Gigantic, Carl-from-Pixar's-"Up" spectacles.  I lose all self control.
  That's why I love those Asian glasses websites, which allow me to buy 5+ pairs a year for less than $100.  The glasses below are from Warby Parker, though, and boy how I love them, too:

I'm wearing these, purchased almost a year ago.  They are extremely well-made!

My inspiration, of course:

2.  Jumpsuits.  Creators/Highlighters of the FUPA.  Why do I love thee so, when you are arguably one of the worst inventions in clothing history?  Perhaps it's because you allow me to get away with putting on only one piece of clothing in the winter, when otherwise I would be forced to wear (shudder) TIGHTS.  Tights are always my last resort!  (I have hated since since I was a wee babe!  One of my earliest memories is my mom struggling to put me in a pair of white tights for temple.)

Sorry about the messy room.  I'm wearing this jumpsuit -- my first Anthro purchase in months!
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