Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Firmoo Sale!

Hi blogosphere!  As we rev up for Black Friday, I owe Firmoo a post about their online glasses service.  They sent me a pair of glasses last month and I promised them a post, so here it is!  I'll put up a substantive post shortly; I have a BIG update for you.

In any case, onward with the quasi-shilling...("quasi" because I do actually use/like Firmoo even when they are not sending me free glasses)

A couple of years ago, Firmoo contacted me about trying their products, and I've been a loyal customer of Asian prescription glasses websites, including Firmoo, ever since.  If you haven't tried these sites, check out my 2012 post about the process of ordering from Firmoo here.  Ordering is easy, delivery is fairly speedy, and the selection of frames is pretty fantastic.  I've never tried the returns process, but the last pair of lenses I received from Firmoo appeared to have some issue with the pupillary distance and Firmoo CS was all over the problem with offers to figure out where the Rx process went wrong.  I also got my sister hooked on Firmoo and she has accessorized herself since then with tons of hipster pairs of glasses on a student budget.

Anyhoo, Firmoo is having a Black Friday sale (as my sister eagerly told me yesterday), so now might be a good time to experiment!

There appear to be a bunch of screaming deals, such as these for $10 after the discount:

Or these, $5 after the discount....

Incidentally, there seems to be a little turf war happening between the cheap online glasses retailers.  I don't have a favorite --- whoever has my favorite style at the moment will get my business.  Have you guys tried these websites?  What do you think?


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