Monday, February 10, 2014

A few nice things to start your Monday

1. Check out this cute little fox cookie jar I found at Target!
2. I went on a hike this weekend! We went to Bull Run, which is about an hour outside of DC in a town called Haymarket, Virginia. The hike was about two hours total, so not too long, but long enough to work up a good appetite for brunch!
Hiking OOTD. I am such a newb. Also I was wearing Kate Spade earrings because see also, newb.
3. My second round of foster kittens were adopted this weekend! They were pretty much the perfect cats and I was so sad to see them go...
4. A woman at BJ's Wholesale Club almost beaned me in the head with a 20-pack of ramen noodles! My crime? I nicely asked the lady behind me to allow me to put my purchases on the conveyer belt before she did, a request that seemed necessary since she bypassed me and started loading up her own stuff on all available space. Drama be following me around lately, apparently.
How was your weekend?

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