Thursday, December 5, 2013

OOTD: Remember When

Remember when I used to post outfit photos?
It seems like so long ago now. I feel like I'm struggling a bit just to keep my head above water. Have you ever had one of those stretches where you are pretty unhappy with something (or with nothing, I suppose) and you have a hard time making your way out of the negativity? Lately it seems as though all I want to do IRL is complain, to the point that I am even annoying myself. It's been difficult to reframe and focus on the positive.
At least this dress is pretty cute. It was a Black Friday purchase from Macy's. It's a comfortable ponte and the faux leather accents add a bit of toughness to it.
(The sleeves are also pleather!)
The military green color inspired me to break out my commander (commando?) stars with these fun peekaboo tights:
It's fun to have a secret accent in your outfit that only you (and a few thousand of your closest internet friends) know about.

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