Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And the calendar winner is...


Congrats, Dee!  I will email you to coordinate getting you your delicious calendar filled with sweet, sweet, circumcised loving.

For those who did not catch the contest, I asked everyone to post their best "dating a Jewish guy" story.  Here are a few notable examples:

Funniest story, eh? Here's one with details slightly altered to protect the guilty.
In 2002, when I was 21, I spent a few weeks in Capetown, South Africa. I decided to take a weekend to see Johannesburg, and my parents mentioned we had some old family friends there, so I reached out. They were thrilled to hear from me, invited me to stay with them, and asked if I would like a "nice young man to show me the sites" on Sunday. Who wouldn't take up that offer??
Naturally, I spend the next week spinning castles in the air about my nice Jewish South African boy. We will fall madly in love and he will move with me to America and utterly charm everyone. We will marry and have perfect children and spend every winter for the rest of our lives visiting the grandparents back in South Africa. They probably own a vineyard or something.
So I arrive in Johannesburg Friday, everything is lovely, and I am told "Yair" will pick me up from breakfast Sunday morning. Just as I'm finishing my eggs, it is mentioned that Yair is visually impaired - a blind blind date. I'm a little curious as to how a blind guy is going to show me the sites, but hey. Yair shows up, and it turns out that while legally blind, he can find his way around just fine. His glasses make it a little hard to see his face, but he's not unattractive, and has an accent, so I'm keeping an open mind here.
We have a fine day - no big sparks, but he's enjoyable company and very Nice, in a very Jewish sort of way :). A few hours into it, I comment on the fact that he has an Israeli name, and ask if his parents are Israeli. He says, "I was actually born in Israel - my family moved here in 1972 when I was 12." I do some quick mental math and realize that Yair is 42. Which I guess is "young" to my 70-year-old hosts, but remember, I'm 21. I freak out - and suddenly I'm very grateful my blind date is blind. We parted graciously, but I decided not to take him up on his offer to be penpals.
Ever since, I always ask ages when my relatives set me up...

Oh, and my funniest dating story. I met my husband during Oneg (but neither of us usually goes to these things, so talk about serendipity) and he picked me up telling me a story about manscaping.

Once upon a time I met a nice Jewish boy who just so happened to be a bad boy too. I myself am a Central American with a major jewfetish. I'm ready to convert and everything. I have one story that just goes to prove how incredibly Jewish this boy was. One night I met up my nice Jewish boy at his house and he is just dead set on getting his ears pierced. I look up a few tattoo shops who also do piercings but they're all too pricey for him. So he asks his mother, of course. She recommends Claire's, a store in the mall meant for little girls, because it's cheaper. Well as you can guess I walked out of Claire's hand in hand with my nice Jewish "bad boy" hold his pink Claire's bag with his ear cleaning solution. If that isn't a nice Jewish boy I don't know what is.

while I haven't dated a nice Jewish guy myself, my friend has and he wore a yamaka every. single. day. Never saw him without it. I was so fixated on what he might be hiding under there (bald spot? weird head lump?) that one day I grabbed it and threw it across the room. It was just a normal head of hair. Everyone was appalled by my behavior.
True story.

I have yet to find a Jewish Guy that'll date a gentile, but I'm trying. I had boyfriend that everyone thought was Jewish, and when I brought him home my grandmother, a devout Catholic, was not pleased. I got an earful that night.

For those who did not win their own calendar, you can purchase your own here.  Also, if you're interested in more Nice Jewish Products, check out these "Nice Jewish Shirts" (not affiliated with the Nice Jewish Guys calendar), which were created by a couple of LA-based Jewish comedians/graphic artists.  Blog readers will get $10 off orders of $50 or more with code NICEJEWISHGIRL, good until next Thursday, December 5.

Go forth and support the tribe!  May our consumer dollars be as numerous as the stars in the sky!

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