Thursday, October 31, 2013

Name these cats!

Last week, I attended a cat foster orientation program through the Washington Humane Society.  The program provided some basic information about WHS and cat care, and after completing it, everyone was eligible to take home kitten(s)/cat(s) from the shelter.  The foster program frees up space in the shelter for more animals, allows more high maintenance animals (read:  kittens) to get the attention they need, and helps sick animals recover faster (lots of animals in the shelter contract upper respiratory infections).  It's also a good way for very shy animals to be adopted, since the shelter environment stresses those animals out and a stressed animal does not appear friendly to potential adopters.

A few days later, I was back at the shelter to pick up my two foster cats!  They are a bonded pair of two year-old boys who were found as strays after their owner threw them out of the house.  I assume they are brothers.

The black one is extremely outgoing --- he immediately took to me and follows me around the apartment everywhere I go.  I was brushing my teeth this morning, turned around for one second, and when I turned back he was in the sink.  I didn't even see him come into the bathroom!


The white one is very, very shy.  He spends most of his time hiding under the bed, although he will come out when he hears the bag of cat treats opening.  He's slowly warming up, but he's not letting me pet him yet (hence the crazy zoom utilized on all photos of the white cat).

[ETA:  I can tell that these cats are after my own heart because:  1) so far, they have shown no interest in destroying my purses, and; 2) they keep trying to get into my closet!]

The shelter named them Midnight (black one) and Leo (white one), but I'm not crazy about those names.  Help me come up with something better!

Here's what I've got so far:

Blackacre and Whiteacre
A bit of legal humor.  You know how in math class, when you are referring to an unknown variable you call it "x" or "y"?  In property law, when you are referring to an unknown or generic lot of property, you call it [color]acre.  Greenacre, blueacre, blackacre, whiteacre.  I was excited about these names at first, but they just haven't rolled off the tongue as I'd hoped.  Plus, non-lawyers will always be confused.

Pepper and Salt
My mom's suggestion.  Totally works, although I found it a little strange to call a cat "salt."  (Note that I love food names for cats.  Some of the kittens currently up for adoption are called "milkshake" and "ketchup" which I think is adorable.)

Wall-E and Hal

When the black one talks, it sounds just like the robot Wall-E from the beautiful Pixar movie of the same name.  Eve (Wall-E's robot girlfriend) would be a perfect name for the white one, but because the white one is actually a boy, I figured it needed a male name.  "Hal" is Wall-E's best friend and sidekick (although he is but a lowly cockroach).  Like Wall-E and Hal, the two cats are a bonded pair.

Yin and Yang
Because when the two play together, they sort of look like a yin-yang!

James and Barney

After James and Barney Stinson, interracial half-brothers on How I Met Your Mother.  This is my favorite of the options so far because the names are easiest to remember and say.  This pair of names would be totally legen --- wait for it, and I'm glad we're talking about cats because even though they are not supposed to have it some stereotypes still live on and this next word is --- DAIRY.  Legendary!

So, what do you think we should call these cats?  Also, if you live in the DC area and are interested in adopting them, let me know :-)

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