Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Paw-Nukkah!

The end of 2013 is in sight, and that means a few things:  gawking at the absurd price of holiday-time airfare, throwing plans together for what will surely turn out to be a lackluster New Years' Eve, and making charitable donations to reap the tax benefits in 2013.  Even corporations like to get in on the action, often offering to match the charitable donations of others made during this time.

Last week, on my way to work, I got an email from the Washington Humane Society (WHS), informing me that two foundations --- the Nelson P. Delavan Foundation and the Weir Foundation --- would be matching, dollar-for-dollar, all donations made to WHS before November 30.

Then, a day or two later, my law firm sent out an email, offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations made before the end of the year, up to a maximum of $1,000 per employee.

I mentioned in my last post how much I love the fact that the WHS allows anyone with an interest to come in and play with the animals.  The dedicated staff and volunteers keep the shelter clean and do their best to keep all of the animals happy and healthy.  WHS is a no-kill shelter that accepts ALL animals surrendered in DC, so every pet that ends up there knows it stands a fighting chance.

This is a very generous offer and a great combination of events, as I can now make a modest donation to nonprofit that brings me the greatest joy and entertainment --- the Washington Humane Society --- and that modest donation will become a pretty decent one once it is matched by the Delavan and Weir foundations, and then matched again by my firm.  (Sadly, my firm's check will probably not arrive during the WHS's November 30 doubling period.)  My only regret is that I can't donate the full $1,000 maximum for my law firm matching program.

So, here's a crazy idea.

I get the sense from the comments on my previous post that we've got a couple of animal lovers around these parts.  What if I ran an online fundraiser for any interested parties?  If you feel like helping me take advantage of the fact that my firm will match any donation I make up to $1,000, here's what we're going to do:

*  Visit my fundraiser page over at  YouCaring is a free fundraising site that, unlike other sites, does not take a percent of your earnings to make a profit.

*  Make any donation you like, or none at all.

*  On November 27, the first night of Hanukkah, the fundraiser will end and I will donate whatever we raised to WHS.  I will post a screenshot of the donation once it is made.

*  Whatever amount we raise will be met by the Delavan and Weir foundations, and then matched again by my law firm (up to $1,000).  A $17 donation turns into $50, and $50 turns into $150. 

Note that even though my firm will only match donations up to $1,000, I will be donating the full amount raised through the fundraiser to the WHS, no matter how much it exceeds the $1,000 benchmark.

I'm excited about the chance to make at least a little bit of a positive impact for the WHS.  More money for them means more space, more supplies, and ultimately more animals who can find shelter and eventually permanent homes.

Absolutely no pressure to donate (aside from these heartbreaking animal photos).  I will only post about this three times over the next month:  once now, once a day or two before the deadline as a last reminder, and then once after the donation is made.  I just figured I'd let you guys know what I was up to in case you were interested in helping me reach that $1,000 benchmark.

Here's the link to my fundraiser again if you're interested.  Every little bit helps (and will become a big bit when all is said and done).  If you would rather donate directly to the WHS (which would be tax-deductible), you can do so here and your donation will be doubled by the Delavan and Weir foundations.

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