Monday, September 9, 2013

What the WHAAA? (a.k.a., An Interesting Sale Find)

Good morning.  Happy Monday.  For the record:  I don't care what your intentions are, but leaving a dozen chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting in the breakroom on a Monday morning is just cruel.  LET ME RECOVER FROM AN EAT-Y WEEKEND IN PEACE.

Anyway, just a quickie this morning to share a shopping find I stumbled upon while returning several of my purchases this month.  (INCLUDING the MBMJ bag approximately half of us, including myself, loved.  I just found myself gravitating towards other bags and couldn't justify the full sticker price.  Also, this other MBMJ tote (the lavender one) in the same style seems to be filling the void for a slouchy but professional-ish neutral leather bag.)

Did you know that Ralph Lauren makes a Prada-style saffiano double-zip tote??

Lauren Ralph Lauren Newbury Double-Zip Satchel ($298 at Piperlime*)

NEITHER DID I.  I'd been toying around with the idea of setting money aside for a Prada tote in December, using some of my bonus money and directing my parents to provide Channukah gifts in the form of purse-money or gift cards, but I was frustrated with the fact that you seemingly have to choose between a larger Prada or a shoulder strap.  (Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like shoulder straps are only offered up to a certain size?)  Anyway, we know I like big bags so this bothered me.

The size of this bag is perfect.  Definitely big enough for a laptop and then some.  I stupidly did not take a photo of the bag on me, but here's Zappos' photo of it against a model:

The leather feels rich and the construction looks solid for a bag at this price point.  My biggest problem with it (and I actually find this SUPER annoying) is that there is a RLL monogram on the front center of the bag instead of a logo (not visible in the first photo, but you can see it in the second).  My initials are not RLL so when I look at this it irks me a bit.  But I'm willing to overlook it given the bag's other great qualities and the reasonable price.

Even better, if you buy the bag at Macy's*, you can ask to purchase the bag as a "presale" item.  I guess Macy's is having some big sale starting on September 18 in which everything will be 20% off.  If you are willing to wait to possess this bag until the 18th, Macy's will let you buy it for 25% off today and then you can go pick it up on the 18th.  I'm not sure how presales work online (try calling customer service?) but I was able to arrange for my presale in the store.  With the 25% off, the purchase came to a very reasonable $223 before tax.

FYI:  It also comes in tan, red, and pink (or purple?  The Zappos photo* looks purple but the Macy's photo* looks pink).

I'll post a live photo once I pick it up next week!

*  Affiliate links.

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