Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Newest Member of the [Bag] Family

If you couldn't tell from the, oh, SEVEN MILLION bags I have purchased in the last month, I'm going through a bit of a bag phase. At some point perhaps I will document the bag binge I went on this month, but I'm not sure I want photographic evidence.

In any case, I visited an outlet mall this weekend with the intention of ridding myself of a Cole Haan gift certificate* that's been burning a hole in my pocket for about a year. Is anyone else like this with gift certificates? Sometimes I worry that if I don't just force myself to spend it, I will forget about it and it will expire. (This is of particular concern for stores I don't shop at as much, like Cole Haan.)

* I got the gift certificate after complaining to Cole Haan customer service that a bag I'd purchased at the outlets a year prior had become faded/discolored on only one panel. To Cole Haan's credit, they let me send the bag back, they inspected it and determined it was defective, and then gave me a gift card for the purchase price, even without a receipt. Even more, the gift card was good not only at outlets, but also online and in retail stores. Things like this make me much more likely to continue shopping a brand, so thanks for that, Cole Haan.

Sad; the bag had such promise.

Anyway, here's one of the things I got with the gift card:

The Cole Haan Haven Tote (available here in yellow for $119 (affiliate link) or here in mint for $160)

Things I was not kidding about: my love for big bags.

What I like most about this tote, aside from the great texture on the outside of the bag (the inside is rough) is that it's super smushy so it does not look too imposing from the front and it also smushes perfectly underneath/behind a second bag, if you want to use this as a gym bag/lunch bag/secondary bag of whatever purpose.

The added bonus is that there are these nice pockets and a key clip on the side so you don't have to fumble around for your phone or keys.

You can see the rough unfinished qualities of the interior leather here.  It doesn't bother me but if you prefer a more refined lining then give this a pass.

Anyway, it's a cute bag and it's definitely worth the "free" that I paid for it, although it's also probably worth the $125 outlet price if you're in the market for a good leather tote bag.

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