Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Warning:  I just want to complain right now.


Ever have one of those days where you want to do nothing more than stay in bed, but you can't, and then the moment you step out of the house you realize that you are doomed to misery for the next 12-18 waking hours?

  • I planned my morning poorly (took an 8:30 conference call at home instead of in the office) and got a hugely late start.
  • Half of my clothes don't fit thanks to a summer of indulgent lunches.
  • Tentative plans to go to Atlantic City this week changed, messing up the plans I'd made today in an effort to work around the AC plans.
  • I'm having a bad hair day.
  • I was accosted by TWO bible-thumpers on the metro.
  • I ran out of lives in Candy Crush and am still stuck on a level that is clearly impossible.
This was just on my commute into work!  Then I arrived in my office after being gone a week to find THIS spectacle:

Which, I mean, yay for new things but GOOD GRACIOUS JG, slow your roll!  You do not need ALL TEH PURSEZ right now.  (BUT EBAY!!  SUCH GOOD DEALS!)  This is embarassing.  [I feel like I have a total shopping/budgetary breakdown once every three to four months.  This was it.] [Also, I need your advice on whether to return one of these things, but I'll post about that when I'm in a better mood.]

Now I've got a long list of unsavory tasks to accomplish today, including a bunch of work for assignments that are not particularly in my wheelhouse, entering missing time for TWO WEEKS (those of you on the billable hour will know how screwed I am), and sorting approximately 600 emails.

This is one of those days, you guys.  If there was a way to sleep this all away, I would.

Any tips for making this type of day more pleasant?  Or at least more bearable?

[ETA at 1:41pm:  and OF COURSE I spilled thick soup on my skirt because UGH TODAY.]

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