Friday, August 16, 2013

Brown Bags: Help me choose!

So, remember a few weeks ago when I told you I was experiencing buyer's remorse at not buying this Michael Kors Charm Tassel Ring Tote in the luggage color (in addition to the black, which I did buy)?
Well, I went on to fill the void for a brown bag with the following:

Choices, Choices
Yeah. I know. It's been some kinda a month.
Now, here's my dilemma: should I keep all of these? some of these? ["none of these" is not an option because I like/love them all in their own ways and I'm not in [credit card] debt,* nor do I have children to feed, so I don't mind spending money on bags now and then.  (Or all at once and then not for a while.  Whatever.  Logistics.)]

* Interestingly, when switching my student loan payoff method from Dave Ramsey's "snowball" method (smallest size loan to largest) to paying off my largest/highest-interest loans first, I considered the possible detrimental effect it would have on my budgeting morale to concentrate on loans that would take approx. a year each to pay off. I determined that with the amount I paid in interest on my highest loans each year (~$3.6k), even if I went on two or three over-budget shopping binges a year, I'd still be in the black (or less in the red, more accurately) compared to letting the big loans languish.
First up: 
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Pros:  Spacious, soft, slouchy, good hobo look, excellent casual bag.
Cons:  HUGE, possibly too unstructured, hard to find things inside, heavy.
JG's Analysis:  If I were FORCED to get rid of any one bag, it would probably be this one.  It's very big and a bit too casual for work (especially given the fact that I now have several other tan/brown bags that will do the trick.  I do like the hobo look, though...and I don't HAVE to get rid of any of these bags...
 (Buy new) (affiliate link)
Pros:  Structured, great for work, Saffiano leather doesn't scratch, spacious.
Cons:  Somewhat boring, a (albeit very high-quality) knockoff of a Prada tote, maybe will be repetitive when my Tory Burch Black Saffiano Double Zip Tote (I KNOW) arrives.
JG's Analysis:  I am wearing this bag today and I like it a LOT.  I initially was unsure about my dedication to this bag, but now that I have it I think it's wonderful and want to keep it.  Then again, I'm going to have almost the same bag in black so perhaps this is dumb?  I purchased this because I needed professional, structured work totes and surely it's important to have those in several neutral shades, right?

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Pros:  Gawd, this bag is fabulous.  The leather is soft and supple, it's a fantastic combination of slouchy and structured, and the COLOR!  It's so RICH.  Every time I touch it I fall in love all over again.
Cons:  The price tag.
JG's Analysis:  If I had any faith in the universe or self control, I would return this bag and wait for it to go on sale or pop up on eBay.  However, because it's a classic color and a relatively new release, I fear it will never pop up on sale or that it will be difficult to find on eBay within the next year.  Also, you get into that mindset where you just know you DESERVE a great bag at full price, so why not splurge a little...isn't it worth the piece of mind and the additional months of use?  Right?

....So, I don't know.  What do you guys think?  I'm leaning towards one of the following options:
  1. Sell the MBMJ Huge Hillier on eBay and try to get something close to $200 for it.  Keep the other two.
  2. Return the MBMJ Bentley (SAD FACE) and wait for it to go on sale or hit eBay.
  3. Fuck it.  Keep all three.

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