Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Weekend in the Office

I had a really nice streak going where I didn't have to spend my whole weekend in the office...but that streak has now officially come to a close. On the plus side, weekends in the office mean I get to wear more casual the office. Which I guess I could do outside of the office too...poop.
Anyway, here are two new outfits and two new (to me --- purchased on ebay) purses. I am shopping my feelings. What of it?
Pleione top (Nordstrom Rack); Anthropologie Lengthening Rays skirt (purchased on eBay) (I have this skirt in brown and love it and have stalked the pink version on eBay for a year); Kate Spade bangle watch; Target necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Tote in Mink (eBay)
Dolman dress by Best Society (this dress sucks actually; do not buy it. It's horribly shapeless and unflattering but I happened to get it at a decent angle here); Payless Chelsea Flats, Marc Jacobs Wellington Bag (via eBay)
The full Marc Jacobs Wellington above is kind of a fun story. It retails for almost $1300, but I found it at Nordstrom rack a month or two ago for half the price. I'd actually initially purchased it (it was right after my WSOP win) but then I thought better of it and returned it --- it wasn't in great condition (scratches) and didn't have a shoulder strap. I set up a saved search on eBay and went about my business.
Then I found the same bag --- same color and style as the one I'd left behind --- but in slightly worse condition. No zipper, a few small marks, no shoulder strap. $200. I went for it. No regrets.
Also, I joined a diet bet today! Have you ever done one of these? You join up with a bunch of people. Pledge a small amount of money to a small weight loss goal, and everyone who achieves the goal at the end of the challenge splits the money in the pot. My goal is to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days. I figure even if I don't achieve the goal it will help move me in the right direction!
So, how were your weekends?

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