Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Super-Obnoxious Post About Coconut Water

But first, a joke courtesy of my friend Tony:

Q:  How can you tell if someone does Crossfit?
A:  Don't worry.  They'll tell you.

Soooooo, I've been doing a little Crossfit.  I mostly like it; it's a good workout and the coaches/fellow classmates I work with are pretty great.  I do find some/many aspects of the culture to be a little too much.

I mean, geez.  This is totally obnoxious.  (source)

My biggest dislike of the whole crossfit thing is that, even at gyms that say they are not trying to impose higher values on you, you generally do feel like non-caveman/paleo choices are seen as bad with little to no room for argument.  That's not to say that caveman/paleo choices are bad either, just to say that we're all trying to be healthy and eat well and it seems kind of counterproductive to say that the only good form of exercise is Crossfit and the only good form of eating is Paleo.  But whatever, I'm just there to get my sweat on.

Anyway, given this, I was initially very skeptical when I overheard one of my WOD class members raving about an obscure brand of coconut water that was just "Sooooo good" and "Makes Vitacoco taste like crap"

(From The Anti-Jared.  I do not share this view.)

I enjoy coconut water.  I drink it after particularly difficult runs or crossfit classes as a way to get some potassium (good for muscle recovery) and hydration without imbibing fluorescent sports beverages.  I don't have any problem with Vitacoco and think it tastes pretty good, so naturally I assumed this guy was just being kind of snooty.  My assumption was strengthened when he said that his mom had to ship him the stuff from Puerto Rico because he couldn't find it in any stores around here.  ::eyeroll::

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, 16.2 Ounces (12-pack available here*)

Let me apologize to this guy right now for my unfair thoughts, because I found a can of this coconut water in a grocery store on Monday, tried it, and HOLY SHIT you guys, this is like no coconut water I've ever had before.  The taste is rich, almost creamy, and it's only 100 calories for an enormous can.

I will never drink another brand of coconut water again...the difference in taste is truly astounding.  As the guy at the gym said, it's almost like a completely different product than the more popular brands.

If you dislike coconut water, I highly encourage you to give this brand a try and see if it doesn't change your mind.  If you already like coconut water, you should just go ahead and order a twelve pack* because heavens to Betsy, this stuff is fantastic.

*  Affiliate links because why not, but SERIOUSLY this stuff is amazing.  I would be posting about this regardless of whether it was available on Amazon or not.  If you want a non-affiliate link, click here.  This coconut water should be in your life whether I get 40 cents or not.

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