Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another Weekend in the Office

I had a really nice streak going where I didn't have to spend my whole weekend in the office...but that streak has now officially come to a close. On the plus side, weekends in the office mean I get to wear more casual the office. Which I guess I could do outside of the office too...poop.
Anyway, here are two new outfits and two new (to me --- purchased on ebay) purses. I am shopping my feelings. What of it?
Pleione top (Nordstrom Rack); Anthropologie Lengthening Rays skirt (purchased on eBay) (I have this skirt in brown and love it and have stalked the pink version on eBay for a year); Kate Spade bangle watch; Target necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Tote in Mink (eBay)
Dolman dress by Best Society (this dress sucks actually; do not buy it. It's horribly shapeless and unflattering but I happened to get it at a decent angle here); Payless Chelsea Flats, Marc Jacobs Wellington Bag (via eBay)
The full Marc Jacobs Wellington above is kind of a fun story. It retails for almost $1300, but I found it at Nordstrom rack a month or two ago for half the price. I'd actually initially purchased it (it was right after my WSOP win) but then I thought better of it and returned it --- it wasn't in great condition (scratches) and didn't have a shoulder strap. I set up a saved search on eBay and went about my business.
Then I found the same bag --- same color and style as the one I'd left behind --- but in slightly worse condition. No zipper, a few small marks, no shoulder strap. $200. I went for it. No regrets.
Also, I joined a diet bet today! Have you ever done one of these? You join up with a bunch of people. Pledge a small amount of money to a small weight loss goal, and everyone who achieves the goal at the end of the challenge splits the money in the pot. My goal is to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days. I figure even if I don't achieve the goal it will help move me in the right direction!
So, how were your weekends?

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Super-Obnoxious Post About Coconut Water

But first, a joke courtesy of my friend Tony:

Q:  How can you tell if someone does Crossfit?
A:  Don't worry.  They'll tell you.

Soooooo, I've been doing a little Crossfit.  I mostly like it; it's a good workout and the coaches/fellow classmates I work with are pretty great.  I do find some/many aspects of the culture to be a little too much.

I mean, geez.  This is totally obnoxious.  (source)

My biggest dislike of the whole crossfit thing is that, even at gyms that say they are not trying to impose higher values on you, you generally do feel like non-caveman/paleo choices are seen as bad with little to no room for argument.  That's not to say that caveman/paleo choices are bad either, just to say that we're all trying to be healthy and eat well and it seems kind of counterproductive to say that the only good form of exercise is Crossfit and the only good form of eating is Paleo.  But whatever, I'm just there to get my sweat on.

Anyway, given this, I was initially very skeptical when I overheard one of my WOD class members raving about an obscure brand of coconut water that was just "Sooooo good" and "Makes Vitacoco taste like crap"

(From The Anti-Jared.  I do not share this view.)

I enjoy coconut water.  I drink it after particularly difficult runs or crossfit classes as a way to get some potassium (good for muscle recovery) and hydration without imbibing fluorescent sports beverages.  I don't have any problem with Vitacoco and think it tastes pretty good, so naturally I assumed this guy was just being kind of snooty.  My assumption was strengthened when he said that his mom had to ship him the stuff from Puerto Rico because he couldn't find it in any stores around here.  ::eyeroll::

Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water, 16.2 Ounces (12-pack available here*)

Let me apologize to this guy right now for my unfair thoughts, because I found a can of this coconut water in a grocery store on Monday, tried it, and HOLY SHIT you guys, this is like no coconut water I've ever had before.  The taste is rich, almost creamy, and it's only 100 calories for an enormous can.

I will never drink another brand of coconut water again...the difference in taste is truly astounding.  As the guy at the gym said, it's almost like a completely different product than the more popular brands.

If you dislike coconut water, I highly encourage you to give this brand a try and see if it doesn't change your mind.  If you already like coconut water, you should just go ahead and order a twelve pack* because heavens to Betsy, this stuff is fantastic.

*  Affiliate links because why not, but SERIOUSLY this stuff is amazing.  I would be posting about this regardless of whether it was available on Amazon or not.  If you want a non-affiliate link, click here.  This coconut water should be in your life whether I get 40 cents or not.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

OOTD: Waking Up

[Hey!  I'm selling some stuff on eBay.  Mostly clothes/handbags, including a few Anthro pieces.  The listings expire tomorrow, so no dilly-dallying.]

Whenever I put together an outfit that literally prompts someone to SIT UP from sleep and comment on how cute it is, I feel a special, albeit superficial, level of accomplishment.
This was one of those outfits:

Ann Taylor Shirt, Forever 21 skirt, Anthropologie Lavandula Heels, Coach Necklace, Kate Spade Lever-Back Earrings, Michael Kors Davenport Rose Gold Watch, Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag (MAB) in ?? (purple? eggplant?)

I love this combination! It feels summery even though it incorporates somewhat dark colors. The bag is another new handbag purchase (you will be seeing a LOT of new purses this month). I bought it on eBay for something like $100 and it's a beautiful rich shade of purple with totally touchable leather. I used to own a satchel that looked like this (in this shape/color) before law school. It was fake leather and I completely wore it into the ground. I'm excited to have it back in new/improved form!

PS: THANK YOU for your advice re: the purses! I haven't had a chance to respond to each comment, but I have decided to keep the Tory tote (which really grew on me tremendously over the course of the day I wore it). I'm tentatively keeping the MBMJ Bentley tote, and I'm selling the Hillier. (Anyone interested??)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Brown Bags: Help me choose!

So, remember a few weeks ago when I told you I was experiencing buyer's remorse at not buying this Michael Kors Charm Tassel Ring Tote in the luggage color (in addition to the black, which I did buy)?
Well, I went on to fill the void for a brown bag with the following:

Choices, Choices
Yeah. I know. It's been some kinda a month.
Now, here's my dilemma: should I keep all of these? some of these? ["none of these" is not an option because I like/love them all in their own ways and I'm not in [credit card] debt,* nor do I have children to feed, so I don't mind spending money on bags now and then.  (Or all at once and then not for a while.  Whatever.  Logistics.)]

* Interestingly, when switching my student loan payoff method from Dave Ramsey's "snowball" method (smallest size loan to largest) to paying off my largest/highest-interest loans first, I considered the possible detrimental effect it would have on my budgeting morale to concentrate on loans that would take approx. a year each to pay off. I determined that with the amount I paid in interest on my highest loans each year (~$3.6k), even if I went on two or three over-budget shopping binges a year, I'd still be in the black (or less in the red, more accurately) compared to letting the big loans languish.
First up: 
(Buy new) (affiliate link)

Pros:  Spacious, soft, slouchy, good hobo look, excellent casual bag.
Cons:  HUGE, possibly too unstructured, hard to find things inside, heavy.
JG's Analysis:  If I were FORCED to get rid of any one bag, it would probably be this one.  It's very big and a bit too casual for work (especially given the fact that I now have several other tan/brown bags that will do the trick.  I do like the hobo look, though...and I don't HAVE to get rid of any of these bags...
 (Buy new) (affiliate link)
Pros:  Structured, great for work, Saffiano leather doesn't scratch, spacious.
Cons:  Somewhat boring, a (albeit very high-quality) knockoff of a Prada tote, maybe will be repetitive when my Tory Burch Black Saffiano Double Zip Tote (I KNOW) arrives.
JG's Analysis:  I am wearing this bag today and I like it a LOT.  I initially was unsure about my dedication to this bag, but now that I have it I think it's wonderful and want to keep it.  Then again, I'm going to have almost the same bag in black so perhaps this is dumb?  I purchased this because I needed professional, structured work totes and surely it's important to have those in several neutral shades, right?

(Buy new) (affiliate link)
Pros:  Gawd, this bag is fabulous.  The leather is soft and supple, it's a fantastic combination of slouchy and structured, and the COLOR!  It's so RICH.  Every time I touch it I fall in love all over again.
Cons:  The price tag.
JG's Analysis:  If I had any faith in the universe or self control, I would return this bag and wait for it to go on sale or pop up on eBay.  However, because it's a classic color and a relatively new release, I fear it will never pop up on sale or that it will be difficult to find on eBay within the next year.  Also, you get into that mindset where you just know you DESERVE a great bag at full price, so why not splurge a little...isn't it worth the piece of mind and the additional months of use?  Right?

....So, I don't know.  What do you guys think?  I'm leaning towards one of the following options:
  1. Sell the MBMJ Huge Hillier on eBay and try to get something close to $200 for it.  Keep the other two.
  2. Return the MBMJ Bentley (SAD FACE) and wait for it to go on sale or hit eBay.
  3. Fuck it.  Keep all three.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Warning:  I just want to complain right now.


Ever have one of those days where you want to do nothing more than stay in bed, but you can't, and then the moment you step out of the house you realize that you are doomed to misery for the next 12-18 waking hours?

  • I planned my morning poorly (took an 8:30 conference call at home instead of in the office) and got a hugely late start.
  • Half of my clothes don't fit thanks to a summer of indulgent lunches.
  • Tentative plans to go to Atlantic City this week changed, messing up the plans I'd made today in an effort to work around the AC plans.
  • I'm having a bad hair day.
  • I was accosted by TWO bible-thumpers on the metro.
  • I ran out of lives in Candy Crush and am still stuck on a level that is clearly impossible.
This was just on my commute into work!  Then I arrived in my office after being gone a week to find THIS spectacle:

Which, I mean, yay for new things but GOOD GRACIOUS JG, slow your roll!  You do not need ALL TEH PURSEZ right now.  (BUT EBAY!!  SUCH GOOD DEALS!)  This is embarassing.  [I feel like I have a total shopping/budgetary breakdown once every three to four months.  This was it.] [Also, I need your advice on whether to return one of these things, but I'll post about that when I'm in a better mood.]

Now I've got a long list of unsavory tasks to accomplish today, including a bunch of work for assignments that are not particularly in my wheelhouse, entering missing time for TWO WEEKS (those of you on the billable hour will know how screwed I am), and sorting approximately 600 emails.

This is one of those days, you guys.  If there was a way to sleep this all away, I would.

Any tips for making this type of day more pleasant?  Or at least more bearable?

[ETA at 1:41pm:  and OF COURSE I spilled thick soup on my skirt because UGH TODAY.]

Sunday, August 11, 2013


This necklace.
I bought it in both turquoise and coral at Eastern Market, a local flea/craft/farmers' market near my apartment. It's perfect, and it goes with everything.
I have been wearing one of the two colors three to five days a week and it's becoming a problem. People are starting to notice. I'm concerned for my creativity because it's just so easy to throw this thing on and neglect the rest of the outfit because really, the necklace is enough.
For example:
Earrings and Necklace from Eastern Market, Kate Spade Gia Pouch, J.Crew Cece Flats, Gap Sheath Dress (garage sale-d)
Madewell Dress, J.Crew Cece Flats, Necklace from Eastern Market, Earrings from Modcloth, Michael Kors Davenport Watch in rose gold
Eileen Fischer (?) dress, Pour la Victoire Wedges, Kate Spade Head in the Sand Melinda, Kate Spade Earrings, Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch, Eastern Market Necklace
Calvin Klein Dress, Eastern Market Necklace, Michael Kors bag, Kate Spade earrings
It's just so perfect for summer! And maybe fall/winter/spring! Hopefully I'll get bored with it soon, but at least for now I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of these things!
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