Friday, June 7, 2013

OOTD: The Politics of Jeans Day

It's jeans day in our office today.

In this Outfit:
Style & Co. Blazer; Anthropologie Blazing Top; Sold Denim Jeans; Seychelles Code Pumps; Thrifted Necklace; Kate Spade Bangle; Thrifted Earrings

This may come as a surprise to those of you who have been with me for a while and have borne witness for my love of pushing the boundaries of business casual, but I actually HATE jeans days.  I feel flat-out inappropriate wearing jeans to the office, and at our firm so few of the partners participate that it almost feels like a trap.  Sure, we are allowed to wear jeans (and we donate money to a charity in exchange for the pleasure), but aren't we still being judged for dressing down?

A blazer will cure all ills.

The last time our firm had a jeans day (many months ago), I skipped it and wore business casual.  That didn't solve the problem, though, since I felt just about as weird being one of the few associates not wearing jeans as I would have felt running into a business casual partner while sporting my denim.  This time, I felt I had to participate since today's jeans day is raising funds for a road race I am helping to organize.

Also, these thrifted earrings are super fancy-looking.

A friend of mine at a different firm offered an intriguing comment on an associate's duty to participate in a jeans day:
Hardly any of the partners do it in my group either, but if all associates do it they can't judge you, which is my point.  So do your part for your fellow associates.  Some of them may be like me and it is the only day all month they don't hate.
I'd never thought about jeans day as a class solidarity type of thing, but her argument makes a lot of sense, and ultimately persuaded me to wear jeans today.  Along with most of the other associates.  And frankly, it does feel a bit like everyone who is wearing jeans is sharing a wink and a smile today.

It still feels a bit weird, but I'll admit that I am super freaking comfortable.

What do you guys think of jeans days at the office, if you have them?

(Also, I'm wearing my new Kate Spade bag for the first time today!  I LOVE it, although I will fully admit that it is kind of ridiculous and I don't know how much I will wear it.  Which, wonderfully, was the reason I passed on it the first time so I feel somewhat justified in my initial decision (thus wiping out two years of agony) and at the same time I am happy with my acquisition (which was sweetened by said agony that clearly I still hang onto on some level).  Also, it holds a LOT of stuff.)

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