Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bonnaroo Sale Haul

I survived Bonnaroo!

*  Note:  I did not wear flip-flops during the actual festival.  I wore these (affiliate link, but product is sold out), which are awesome.

I had a very good time at the festival...the camping went off without a hitch, thanks in part to your suggestions and in part to the fact that we joined forces with a very experienced group of Bonnaroovians before heading to the festival, and the group we joined up with had all of the basic camping necessities covered.  I think we could have gotten by with a minimal number of food-related provisions, though; food at the festival was delicious and reasonably-priced.

I can do a fuller run-down of the festival if folks are interested, but in the meantime (and given the somewhat clothing- and shopping-based slant of this blog) here's what I bought at Target on my way down to Manchester, TN to wear during the weekend:

Bonnaroo/Target Sale Haul

Because obviously matching bralettes was top on my list of camping necessities :-D

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