Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Few Weekend OOTDs

Hello, e-buddies!  How has your week been treating you?  The last few weeks have been a hit parade of exciting events in both work and life, and the next few weeks look to be even more exciting!  Bonnaroo is just a week away, and then there are some big work-related events in the coffer for the end of the month.  Eeeeeee -- I can't wait!

In the meantime, I've got a few weekend outfits to show you.

Memorial Day weekend, an old friend from Miami came into town and we spent a day sightseeing:

In this Outfit:
Gap Shirt
Ann Taylor Loft Textured Maxi Skirt (here) (FYI, I'm 5'5.5 and this skirt is juuuuust the right length.  Any shorter than me and you may be stepping on the hem) (here* in petite small, pink color only, for $33) (also, there seems to be a decimal point missing in the affiliate link info for this product...there's a chance that if you buy it, I will make $577.  If that happens, I will have a huge giveaway on the blog.  HUGE.)
Anthropologie Beaded Denim Jacket (here*, sold out)
Kate Spade Necklace
J.Crew Hat (similar*, or with a feather* for $30)
Kate Spade Metropolitan Pearls Drop Earrings (purchased in the recent suprise sale!)
Kate Spade Gatsby Dot Short Mini Scatter Necklace (also purchased in the sample sale)
Kate Spade Baxter Street Priscilla Bag
Payless Chelsea Flats (here*) (TTS)

I recently rediscovered this straw hat, which I bought last year, sitting in my closet with the price tag still on it.  The dangerous thing about sale shopping is I often end up buying things out of season and run the risk of forgetting I own something by the time the proper season rolls around again.  I had actually been oogling straw hats at Eastern Market lately!  Good thing I found mine before I shelled out any more money.

This past weekend, I was in Florida visiting family, so I donned my beachiest non-beach outfit:

In this Outfit:
Forever 21 denim top (also worn here)
Free People Dress (old)
J.Crew Factory flats (old)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch
J. Crew Hat (similar*, or with a feather* for $30)
Kate Spade Gatsby Dot Short Mini Scatter Necklace
Kate Spade Studs

Love me some Kate Spade jewelry:

I've been getting a LOT of wear out of this cute little necklace.  It's so delicate-looking and adds a nice bit of glitz to my outfits.

Speaking of glitz, I think it's time for me to admit to being wrong on something.  (No, not this jacket, which I am still convinced will be AWESOME in the fall.)  In my post about the Kate Spade sale the other week, I pointed out this purse, which I described as "kind of hideous but hugely marked down":

I truly could not imagine this bag working for any actual person at the time I wrote the above.  But then I went home for the week and unbeknownst to me, my mom had purchased the purse and WAS ROCKING IT.

In Mom's Outfit:
Ralph Lauren tank and shorts, Mel by Melissa Flats, Kate Spade purse, miscellaneous jewelry.

Right?  RIGHT?  It's TOTALLY WORKING.  So, I take it back, and apologies if I prevented you from buying what is actually a super-cute, fun bag.  Looking at this photo, I'm actually kind of regretting the decision not to buy.


(Although I do think Florida can be a bit of a twilight zone when it comes to clothes and accessories.  You can wear things down there that work AMAZINGLY well that just don't seem to fly anywhere else.  Sources tell me that even buyers for big department stores like Nordstrom buy completely different types of merchandise for South Florida stores because the trends are so outrageous down there.  Another good example is this Kissing Cockatoos Bangle, which looked sort of absurd online but which my sister wore in Florida and it looked freaking perfect.)

Ahhh, warm-weather style, how I love you!

* Affiliate links

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