Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (Kate Spade Surprise Sale)

OMG YOU GUYS. This bag? That I neglected to buy for $199 during a Kate Spade online sample sale in December 2010 and have whined about ever since? (See, e.g., here)

$495 $229 HERE RIGHT NOW.  (affiliate link)


A thoughtful and timely text message from my friend Michelle alerted me to the fact that my bag was on sale. I immediately presumed she meant on eBay, where I did indeed see two newly-listed All Typed Up Clydes for the low low price of...$600 BIN, OBO. Sigh. I contemplated making an offer at $350 or $400 as I went down to the office gym to shower.

When I returned to my phone, I saw these fateful words: "Kate Spade surprise sale."

And sure enough, there it was. My typewriter bag. From 2010. For $229. I could not submit my order fast enough. (Seriously, I may have yelled at the computer while the pages loaded.)

Kate Spade, if you cancel my order due to some mistake in my inventory I swear I will cut you. I will cut you.

PS: Be sure to check out the sale! Lots of other oldies and goodies are available, including (FYI the links below are affiliate links):

All Aboard Ship Clutch -- $358 $139

Gold Coast Lily -- $298 $119 (also available in tan!)

Made in the Shade Sunglasses Clutch -- $328 $79 (I think this is kind of hideous but it's hugely marked down, so if it's your thing, cash in on your counter-market taste!)

Horseshoe Cove Darek -- $98 $29

Journal Bon Shopper -- $148 $49

Sprinkles Mallory -- $138 $49 (image source)

Radio Belt -- $128 $49

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