Monday, March 18, 2013

OOTD: You Win Some, You Lose Some

I have mixed feelings about flash sale websites like Gilt and Rue La La. On the one hand, they do sometimes offer excellent value on great items I had been meaning to acquire. (see, e.g., a recent purchase of a 12-cup Kitchenaid Food Processor for $79, when I haven't seen a price below about $200 for that size/brand.)
But then there are times when I don't NEED anything, but that ticking clock of "Boutique closes in 23:54 hours" makes me wonder if maybe I should just save myself the possible regret and spring for that random dress/pair of shoes/accessory. Sometimes it works out swimmingly, and other times I end up spending money returning an item I probably shouldn't have purchased in the first place, or becoming disillusioned with the whole process after googling the item pre-purchase and finding it for the same or lower price on Amazon or some other site.
All this to say, I mostly like this dress I got on Gilt last month.
In this Outfit:
Sam & Lavi Elise Dress (M) (sale stalk it on Amazon here)
J.Crew Tights
J.Crew Factory Lace Captoe Flats
Kate Spade Alexandra Avenue Large Catalina
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (on sale here)
Necklace from Eastern Market (flea/craft market) in DC
Coach Pave Ball Earrings
(FYI, things that happened after I reviewed these photos and before I went to work: 1) I steamed the creases out of this dress; 2) I blowdried my hair; 3) maybe not #2, I can't remember, but I did eventually get a haircut that now basically necessitates blowdrying my hair every morning, whomp.)
The good: I'm a total sucker for the shade of green in this dress, which is more of a bright kelly IRL. I also love the mix of patterns and solid colors here. The cut is nice (I think) and I like the sleeve length and neckline.
The bad: It feels shoooort. I wore it with black tights to minimize the effect of the shortness, but it is can't-lift-my-arms-above-my-head-for-fear-of-knowing-a-stranger-in-the-biblical-sense short. Short enough that I may not be able to wear this diddy to the office once the weather gets warmer.
(Also, it's dry clean only. But is rayon ACTUALLY dry clean only? Can I wash this on cold and line dry it? Please say yes.)
So, I don't know where the overall balance comes out on this dress. Maybe slightly negative...but then again, I got a small discount on the dress because of a small spot of discoloration (noticeable up close but not from more than a foot or so away), so perhaps that evens things out a bit.
Do you guys shop on flash sale websites? I find most of them overwhelming (I don't have the energy to sort through five pages of "Our Favorite Spring Dresses WTF), but I will browse if I recognize the brand being featured!

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