Thursday, March 28, 2013

OOTD: The Beauty of an "On" Week

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but

(why are there so many videos of babies tooting horns on youtube?) (also, is it creepy to post a photo of an unknown baby tooting a horn on your blog?) (nevermind, don't answer that)

I feel like I have been killing my outfits this week!  In the good way.  A la KILLIN IT.  Not murdering it in the Amanda Bynes sense, but killing it.  Killing.  It.

Which is great, because a spent a recent week falling on my face one outfit after another after another and I began wondering whether I had some sort of undiagnosed brain tumor.

But those concerns have been put to bed!  (Mostly!)  Behold!

In this outfit:
Tommy Hilfiger Sleeveless Belted A-Line Dress (M, slightly big) (similar* for $80, similar for $130)
Anthropologie Dashes Knit Blazer in Sky (L) (here*)
J.Crew Skinny Patent Leather Belt (similar*, more similar* but more pricey)
J.Crew Factory Beaded Bib Necklace (similar* for $35)
Ring from either ASOS for Forever 21 (another* white and gold ring)
Manolo Blahnik Pumps (39.5 -- I'm usually a 9) (gifted) (pretty similar* on sale from Kate Spade for $165 in limited sizes)

In this outfit:
Ann Taylor Blazer (6) (similar* at ASOS for less than $100)
Ann Taylor Loft top (S) (similar* for less than $20)
ASOS Peg Trousers (10) (similar* for $30 in limited sizes)
Payless Chelsea Flats (9, TTS) (here*)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (here*)
Kate Spade square studs (similar* for $10, similar* for $5)
ALDO Necklace (I freaking hate ALDO) (not especially similar,* but the same idea and less than $10)

PLUS, one more great one that I'll show you next week, because I actually took real photos with my real point-and-shoot.

I love it when everything comes together!

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