Monday, March 25, 2013

Many Ways OOTD: I'll prove it to ya!

Because of my blog, my IRL friends sometimes assume I would be a very fun person to shop with. After all, I clearly enjoy shopping and often seem to find a good bargain.

Like this skirt! Which only cost $30!
Mossimo for Target top (M), Hi There! by Karen Walker for Anthropologie Pleated Skirt (8) (sold out*) (similar* for $30), Payless Chelsea Flats (9, TTS) (here*), Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (here*), Necklace from Eastern Market in DC, Kate Spade Square Stud Earrings (similar* for $10, similar* for $5)

Truth is, I'm pretty terrible in a female shopping posse. I often get distracted shiny or chambray things and walk off unannounced, I rarely bring an appropriate amount of clothing into the fitting room (either too much or too little), and I am fairly bad at giving people advice on what clothing they should try on, buy, or leave behind.

Maybe worst of all, though, I often fail to take well-intentioned advice from my friends when they try to tell me to take off my sale googles and not buy whatever item I happen to be contemplating at the time. (See, e.g., these crotchy Anthro pants, which were $20 and which my friends told me not to buy (note: I love them and wear them often, even if they do kind of look like those nutso DVF pants we were laughing about but that I secretly love)).

Like this skirt! Which my friends suggested I not buy because the waist is kind of weird and it's dry clean only.
Anthropologie Ridged Ribs Boatneck (TERRIBLE!  Shrunk dramatically in the wash, even though it's labeled as washable :-( ), Hi There! by Karen Walker for Anthropologie Pleated Skirt (8) (sold out*) (similar* for $30), Kate Spade Glasses Necklace (kinda similary*), J.Crew Cece Flats (TTS and quite comfy) (here*), Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (here*), Kate Spade Square Stud Earrings (similar* for $10, similar* for $5)

But sometimes I just KNOW that a certain item and I are going to get along swimmingly. I look at the piece and understand where it will fit in my wardrobe and know, from prior experience with similar pieces, that it will get a lot of wear.

Like this other elastic-waisted pleated midi skirt (Anthropologie's "Million Pleats Midi"), which is one of my favorites!

So, there are some times when I need to apologize to my well-meaning and wonderful friends for flying in the face of their "don't buy that!" advice. And on those occasions, wearing said "that" several times in a two-week span of time seems like the best way to honor their intentions...

Like with this skirt!
Gap T-shirt (here*), Ann Taylor Loft sweater (L) (similar* for $21), Hi There! by Karen Walker for Anthropologie Pleated Skirt (8) (sold out*) (similar* for $30), J.Crew Cece Flats (here*), Necklace from Alexa Crawford (ancient) (sort of similar*), Michael Kors Davenport Watch in Rose Gold (here* in leopard print), Earrings from Eastern Market in DC (similar* for $6)

So, thank you, friends. And I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, but as you can see, I love the skirt!  Even if I sort of wore it exactly the same way but with minor variations three times in a row.  I'll branch out from dark/baggy top+flats next time, I promise.  (Also, I machine-washed it and it was totally fine.)

How was your weekend?

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