Thursday, March 14, 2013

Good Riddance, Google Reader

YEP, I SAID IT.  I'm glad Google Reader is being discontinued.

Sure, I used Google reader daily to keep up with my various RSS feeds, but I didn't particularly LIKE it.  I didn't participate in any of the online community aspects of Google Reader (I don't have a Google+ account), and I found myself constantly cursing at my reader for consistently dropping certain feeds and then posting ten of them at once weeks later.

Even more, there are several blogs I tried unsubscribing from --- multiple times --- but Google kept signing me back up for them!  (Incidentally, I am very, very sorry if my blog has been that annoying irrepressible blog in your Google reader.  I now know from sad personal experience how much irrational hatred a face on the internet can prompt.)

So, what is your new RSS client of choice, friends?

I got a few email notifications from Bloglovin' this morning informing me that a few of you guys have started following me over there.  I have a bloglovin' account but I don't really like it!  The layout annoys me -- is there a way to see full posts, or can you only see snippets? -- and I am not aware of any iPhone/iPad apps that allow you to keep up with your Bloglovin' subscriptions.  Are there any that I just don't know about?

I just started using Feedly, and although I'm only a day into the user experience, I like it a lot so far.  I like the technological elements of my life the way I like my societies:  integrated and cooperative.  Feedly integrates with Google Chrome with an add-on, has apps for iOS/Android/Kindle (the iphone app has five stars with four thousand reviews --- nothing to sneeze at), and ALLOWS YOU TO SEND BLOG POSTS TO EVERNOTE!  (If you're not using Evernote then hoo boy, that's going to have to be another post.)  The Evernote clipping feature needs a bit of work (formatting is off when you click and it's unclear whether you can clip selections or if you must clip the whole page) but I love that the option there.  [Edit, April 8, 2013:  The importing of the ENTIRE blog page --- including headers, sidebars, and comments --- has officially gotten old.  Fix this now, please.  Thanks.]

Plus, you can import your subscriptions from (and sync them with) Google reader, categorize your blogs into topics...

...view whole blog posts in your main view...

...and customize the layout of your home screen.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the program so far.  We'll have to see if any of my aggravating deleted blogs make their way back onto my reader again.  (But if they do, I'll probably just blame Google.) [Edit, April 9, 2013:  The Feedly app, since it has adopted Google's RSS formula or whatever, has also adopted the same annoying blog dropping-undeleting glitches.  For more google reader alternatives, click here.]

I'd love to hear your progress on scoping out replacement RSS readers!  Let me know what you're finding out there in the open (free) market.

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