Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Can we just LOL over this for a minute?

I need some adult suits (embarrassing biglaw associate admission:  all of mine are polyester and cost less than $200), so I've been browsing the suiting sections of various online retailers to get an idea for my options.

I stumbled upon this gem in Nordstrom's, "Boardroom Attire" section:

And for a mere $1000, THIS LOOK CAN BE YOURS.  (yes, that's an affiliate link, but please don't buy this.) (purse and shoes not included.)

What is even happening here, Diane Von Furstenberg?  I am all about "reinterpret[ing] workwear," but this looks more like "reinterpreting hangover."  AMIRITE?  Who is wearing this in a boardroom??

....Although honestly it's growing on me a little.  Damn my love for pajama-like workwear.  (Still, clearly not buying it.)

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