Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Psychology of a Discount

Anthropologie Joppa Pumps (sold out)

$160 original price:  They're cute, but I'll wait until they go on sale.  Which they inevitably will.

$80 first-cut price:  Eep, finally, sale!  But arg, $80 is still a lot.  I dunno...the toe does pinch a bit...

$40 second-cut price:  Wow, now that seems like a good deal.  I guess I could always get a cushiony shoe tape for the toe.  Maybe I can get an extra discount because one of the bows is wonky.

When the shoes ring up for $20:  WHAT?!  Is there an extra pair laying around somewhere?  No, of course I don't care what size.

+ 10% damage discount + 15% birthday discount = $15 shoes:  IMMEDIATELY BLOGGED IT., I'm such a sucker.

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