Sunday, February 24, 2013

In the Kitchen

Two things.

One:  I made a delicious and easy recipe this week that I couldn't wait to share.  It's a chorizo and kale soup recipe from PaleoPot.  It was incredibly hearty and did a great job of warming me up on a few of the cold winter nights we've had around here lately.  If you like your soups a bit spicy, you'll love this!  Vegetarians, I bet you could replace the chorizo with white beans.

Two:  I recently overhauled my tupperware cabinet and I am a better woman for it.  (You know the cabinet I'm talking about --- the one where you keep your motley assortment of plastic containers collected from Chinese take-out orders?  I am sure that isn't just a Jewish thing, right?)

Previously, it looked something like this:

(source, suggesting its own organizational method)

I found this little diddy on Amazon (for only $20, no less---now on sale for $16):

And now, I've got this:

Geez, what would I do without Amazon Prime?  Honestly.

Do you have any cabinet-organization secrets?  I want to attack my pots and pans cabinet next...

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