Saturday, February 23, 2013

Halp me stay alive in the great outdoors!

Happy Saturday, internet!  I'm working all weekend, but I think I'll get to do all of my work from home, which is a huge improvement.  I'll take my couch, my own cooking, and sweatpants over my desk chair, Seamlessweb, and real pants any day of the week.  Thank goodness for work-from-home infrastructures, amirite?

I've got some questions for you outdoorsy/musical types.  Today, I bought tickets to Bonnaroo, a four-day outdoor music festival in Tennessee.  The line-up looks fantastic and I am SUPER-excited about going.  We're planning to camp at the site for the time we're out there.  Although a four-day camping trip may seem like a leap ("This website is still called, 'Stuff Jewish Girls Like,' isn't it?") I've been camping for short spells with other people before and liked it, and my boyfriend and I have been vaguely talking about doing some kind of one-to-two-week bike tour of a nearby state that would involve camping while on the road.  So anyway, point being, this camping thing is going to happen.

Question 1:  What sort of gear do you campers bring with you?  Any vital consumer goods I must have?  Which lanterns do you like?  Do you use air mattresses or cots?  Which?  Halp!

Question 2:  What should I look for when purchasing a tent?  It cost like $750 to rent a tent for Bonnaroo but they seem to run under $200 on Amazon, so it seems like an easy purchase.  Can you get a decent tent at that price point or do I need something that's certified for use on Everest or something?  I'm looking at this one in particular...

I figure we might as well get a tent that would sleep us along with some friends/kids for camping trips down the road.

Question 3:  Have any of you been to Bonnaroo before?  Or a multi-day music festival?  This will be my first one.  Is there anything I should know?

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