Monday, January 21, 2013

The best way to start a Monday!

Good morning! I am in a fantastic mood on this Monday! Why, you ask?
* I started a new exercise regimen last week and my endorphins are flowing! I'll tell you more about it once I settle into a routine.
* I've been trying to eat a bit more cleanly...i.e., I'm reducing my intake of refined sugars and carbohydrates. I'm not cutting them out entirely or being that restrictive psychologically, but I have been consciously trying to opt for other things I also like instead. It's been making me feel more happy and energetic!
* I'm on a business trip to San Diego through Wednesday**, and I get to fly first-class! I am such a nerd about perks; I know first-class is no big deal to some people, but I totally get a thrill from being in a special security line, getting to board first, and being in a comfy seat. Plus hot towels! And lots of snacks! And BREAKFAST!
Omelet with "white cheddar cheese" (it looked and tasted like American cheese, but who cares), turkey sausage, potatoes, fruit bowl, and biscuit (which I left behind, because hey if I'm going to eat a biscuit, it's going to be from the likes of here).
Yay for perks! I can't wait until I'm rich enough to fly first class on my own dime without batting an eye.
** I am kind of sad to be missing inauguration day in D.C.; It would be interesting to see it. Then again, while I ordinarily love tourists, the huge influx of street-clogging bodies this weekend has been a bit unbearable, so maybe it's for the best that I am not here.
Do you get the day off today? How are you spending it?

PS: Check out the funny text message exchange I had the other day with someone who had the wrong phone number (I'm the person in the green bubbles):

LOL. Charming, buddy.
Hope you've got a great day ahead of you!

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kristin said...

I've gotten shuffled to first-class on a few recent business trips and was a total nerd about it too. I was so happy to be able to drink my wine out of a real glass!

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