Monday, January 28, 2013

Quickie: Recommended Reading

Just a quick post this morning, as I'm actually attempting workplace productivity for the next few days before I lose the second half of the week to a slightly horrifying dental procedure + recovery time.  (Silver lining (?):  I'll be on a forced liquid diet so you'll get to read about YET ANOTHER BLOGGER exploring juicing!  SOMETHING NEW, AMIRITE?)

So as not to leave you with NO reading material on this Monday morning, I'd like to introduce you to my friends Sara and Lacey.  These ladies are undertaking an impressive challenge in 2013:  they are doing one "new thing" a week for 52 weeks and blogging about the experience.

This is Sara:

Sara lives in Knoxville and describes herself: "Tennessee Law alumna. Judicial clerk. IP Nerd. Foodie. Coffee lover. Mac enthusiast. Yoga addict. Shutterbug. World traveler."  So far, she has gone belly dancing, made candles, and baked a pie (among other things)!

And here's Lacey:

Lacey lives in D.C. and, like me, is an attorney at a big firm here.  She has a poodle-springer mix named Callie and says her "vices are dark chocolate and procrastination."  So far, Lacey has gone ice skating, attended an embassy event, and rung in the New Year in NYC.


I have noticed that adding more non-shopping-related blogs to my Google reader has lessened my desire to online/IRL-shop and has helped highlight other areas of my life and other interests.  For example, following fitness blogs has helped me take more pride in exercise, and following some healthy food blogs encourages me to eat better more often.  Do you find the same with your RSS reader composition?  I think that reading these girls' posts has encouraged me to pursue more adventure in my life!

What do you think of this kind of project?  The idea of making a list of new things to do each week seems difficult to me; I think I'd prefer to just resolve to be more adventurous in general.  But then again, that's probably the type of vague resolution doomed to fail!  

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