Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Pajamas OOTD + Quickie Review

In case you couldn't tell from some of my recent posts about wearing pajama-like things to work (see, e.g., here and here), I have been really into wearing pajama-like things to work.  Today, I even took pajamas-on-a-workday to another level by wearing literal pajamas on a workday...but I'm home sick on my couch recovering from gum surgery, so I suppose this doesn't really count.  (Although I have worn this particular pajama dress to work before.)

(Incidentally, I'm doing okay post-surgery.  Swollen and tired, and completely sick of my liquid diet already --- less than 24 hours in.  What was going to be a week-long juicefest just-for-the-heck-of-it-since-I'm-already-on-a-forced-liquid-diet will probably now be no more than a day or two until I get the green-light to eat soft solid foods without hurting my stitches.  This sucks!)

But that is neither here nor there.  I'm convalescing but I wanted to show you a dress (NOT actual pajamas) (although it does sort of resemble my previously posted pajama dress) that I bought two weeks ago that I adore:

Cute, right?  Pajama-like, warm, and MACHINE-WASHABLE!  I usually don't go for sheathy dresses like this because I live in constant fear of being the subject of inaccurate office pregnancy rumors (darn you fat-accumulating belly), but I just love this thing.

Plus, I can always just walk around with my hands on my waist.

Right?  Problem solved right?

Anyway, if you read Kristin's blog, you may recognize the necklace I'm wearing.  Kristin and I both received the same necklace c/o Red Envelope!  (Read Kristin's review here.)  I had never heard of Red Envelope until they contacted me about reviewing a product, and I was impressed with the selection.  It seemed like a good place to buy a gift for those hard-to-shop-for people in your life.  (Hear that mom?) (For another Red Envelope review check out Jenni's review here.) 

The necklace is called the Good Luck Necklace.

The necklace is delicate and seems well-made.  I am NOT easy on jewelry, and this has withstood several weeks of wear and (literal) tear.  I even wore it in the shower once.  I haven't noticed any discoloration and it hasn't turned my neck green or anything.  It fills a nice spot in my wardrobe for "delicate gold necklace."

Also, it came packaged very nicely:

This necklace came from Red Envelope's "Romantic Jewelry Line," which seems filled with cute things for Valentine's Day.  Perhaps leave this page open on your computer for your boyfriend/girlfriend to find?  If this is your thing.

My biggest complaint:  it was not actually good luck.  I wore it to my home poker game the other week and I did not win.  :-(

In this Outfit:
Lauren Ralph Lauren Geometric Print Long-Sleeve Dress (6) (on sale here)
Lucky Brand Andria Boots (8.5) (similar)
J.Crew Tights
Necklace c/o Red Envelope (here)
Kate Spade Earrings
Tory Burch Glasses Frames
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (on sale here)

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