Saturday, December 14, 2013

International Freaking Business Class

What was I even doing with my life before this?
I'm on my way to China for a very short trip and this is my first time in international business class. My seat becomes a bed! I just finished a glass of champagne! Things like this, as shallow as they are, make me like my job more.
On the other hand, travelling poshly for work makes it that much harder to travel on my personal budget!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

OOTD: Remember When

Remember when I used to post outfit photos?
It seems like so long ago now. I feel like I'm struggling a bit just to keep my head above water. Have you ever had one of those stretches where you are pretty unhappy with something (or with nothing, I suppose) and you have a hard time making your way out of the negativity? Lately it seems as though all I want to do IRL is complain, to the point that I am even annoying myself. It's been difficult to reframe and focus on the positive.
At least this dress is pretty cute. It was a Black Friday purchase from Macy's. It's a comfortable ponte and the faux leather accents add a bit of toughness to it.
(The sleeves are also pleather!)
The military green color inspired me to break out my commander (commando?) stars with these fun peekaboo tights:
It's fun to have a secret accent in your outfit that only you (and a few thousand of your closest internet friends) know about.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pawnukkah: THANK YOU!

Thank you all for your wonderful donations to my Pawnukkah campaign!  Thanks to your support, we were able to make a fantastic $762 donation to the Washington Humane Society.  This donation will be matched by my firm and matched again by the Delavan and Weir foundations, for a total of $2286!

The animals thank you!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And the calendar winner is...


Congrats, Dee!  I will email you to coordinate getting you your delicious calendar filled with sweet, sweet, circumcised loving.

For those who did not catch the contest, I asked everyone to post their best "dating a Jewish guy" story.  Here are a few notable examples:

Funniest story, eh? Here's one with details slightly altered to protect the guilty.
In 2002, when I was 21, I spent a few weeks in Capetown, South Africa. I decided to take a weekend to see Johannesburg, and my parents mentioned we had some old family friends there, so I reached out. They were thrilled to hear from me, invited me to stay with them, and asked if I would like a "nice young man to show me the sites" on Sunday. Who wouldn't take up that offer??
Naturally, I spend the next week spinning castles in the air about my nice Jewish South African boy. We will fall madly in love and he will move with me to America and utterly charm everyone. We will marry and have perfect children and spend every winter for the rest of our lives visiting the grandparents back in South Africa. They probably own a vineyard or something.
So I arrive in Johannesburg Friday, everything is lovely, and I am told "Yair" will pick me up from breakfast Sunday morning. Just as I'm finishing my eggs, it is mentioned that Yair is visually impaired - a blind blind date. I'm a little curious as to how a blind guy is going to show me the sites, but hey. Yair shows up, and it turns out that while legally blind, he can find his way around just fine. His glasses make it a little hard to see his face, but he's not unattractive, and has an accent, so I'm keeping an open mind here.
We have a fine day - no big sparks, but he's enjoyable company and very Nice, in a very Jewish sort of way :). A few hours into it, I comment on the fact that he has an Israeli name, and ask if his parents are Israeli. He says, "I was actually born in Israel - my family moved here in 1972 when I was 12." I do some quick mental math and realize that Yair is 42. Which I guess is "young" to my 70-year-old hosts, but remember, I'm 21. I freak out - and suddenly I'm very grateful my blind date is blind. We parted graciously, but I decided not to take him up on his offer to be penpals.
Ever since, I always ask ages when my relatives set me up...

Oh, and my funniest dating story. I met my husband during Oneg (but neither of us usually goes to these things, so talk about serendipity) and he picked me up telling me a story about manscaping.

Once upon a time I met a nice Jewish boy who just so happened to be a bad boy too. I myself am a Central American with a major jewfetish. I'm ready to convert and everything. I have one story that just goes to prove how incredibly Jewish this boy was. One night I met up my nice Jewish boy at his house and he is just dead set on getting his ears pierced. I look up a few tattoo shops who also do piercings but they're all too pricey for him. So he asks his mother, of course. She recommends Claire's, a store in the mall meant for little girls, because it's cheaper. Well as you can guess I walked out of Claire's hand in hand with my nice Jewish "bad boy" hold his pink Claire's bag with his ear cleaning solution. If that isn't a nice Jewish boy I don't know what is.

while I haven't dated a nice Jewish guy myself, my friend has and he wore a yamaka every. single. day. Never saw him without it. I was so fixated on what he might be hiding under there (bald spot? weird head lump?) that one day I grabbed it and threw it across the room. It was just a normal head of hair. Everyone was appalled by my behavior.
True story.

I have yet to find a Jewish Guy that'll date a gentile, but I'm trying. I had boyfriend that everyone thought was Jewish, and when I brought him home my grandmother, a devout Catholic, was not pleased. I got an earful that night.

For those who did not win their own calendar, you can purchase your own here.  Also, if you're interested in more Nice Jewish Products, check out these "Nice Jewish Shirts" (not affiliated with the Nice Jewish Guys calendar), which were created by a couple of LA-based Jewish comedians/graphic artists.  Blog readers will get $10 off orders of $50 or more with code NICEJEWISHGIRL, good until next Thursday, December 5.

Go forth and support the tribe!  May our consumer dollars be as numerous as the stars in the sky!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Funday: Nice Jewish Guys Calendar Review and Giveaway!

I get a decent number of emails each week from advertisers asking me to blog about their website or their product.  Almost all of these requests I turn down.  (See, e.g., a series of websites offering me free money to buy whatever I wanted, but with absolutely horrific clothing and jewelry for sale, including items with names resembling, "Rasta harem dropcrotch pant crop hippie boho patterned bottoms.")  Some of these requests, I wish I'd turned down.  (I'm currently staring at a packet of gummy vitamins (I love gummy vitamins) that, based on the information on the package, I fear will give me explosive poops.  But I'm morally bound to try them and perhaps endure explosive poops for you, my readers.)

However, I recently received a product review request that sent me over the moon with happiness.

Remember three years ago, I told you guys about a "Nice Jewish Guys" calendar featuring --- you guessed it --- nice Jewish guys gracing each month's pages?  Back then, I thought the idea of a calendar featuring nebbishy Jewish men was an absolutely hilarious idea and a great gift for Jewish girls (or other Jewish boy-loving people) on your list.

Well, the people in charge of marketing this calendar contacted me last month and offered me a 2014 Nice Jewish Guys calendar of my very own!  Now THIS is right up my alley.

Having carefully reviewed this calendar, I can now give it my hearty endorsement.  The calendar is chock-full of awesome photos of very Jewish-looking guys, some of whom are doing very Jewishy things.

Kristopher is responsibly paying for his parking!

Roe is holding a mother-flipping CHALLAH!

Brendan is making matzo brie like your dad used to make during Channukah!

Jason is --- posed in a very unfortunate manner, but WHO DOESN'T LOVE KOSHER HOT DOGS IN NEW YORK?

I brought this thing to my weekly poker night and it garnered rave reviews from the guys in attendance:

"Those are some Jewish-looking dudes."

"Yes, they are very Jewy."

"That's a great-looking challah."

"I can't take my eyes off that challah."

"Saddle up, Jewish ladies!  This guy likes knish."

This calendar is a laugh a minute (or, more accurately, a month), and even includes all of the Jewish holidays.  Even the obscure ones that nobody celebrates!  ("Fast of the 17th of Tammuz," anyone?)  

I even had the chance to interview one of the Jewish guys featured at the back of the calendar, Sam.

Here are some highlights:

How did you become involved in the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar?  What was your first thought upon learning about the calendar?

I saw the contest on JDate and talked about it with my sister and a female friend of mine.  After some encouragement from them and reading some of the other entries, I decided to submit an entry for fun.  After I was told I was selected as one of the Nice Jewish Guys of JDate, I didn’t really know what form my inclusion in the calendar would take until a friend of mine called from work saying, “I’m looking at the Nice Jewish Guys calendar with you in it!”

What makes you a "nice" Jewish guy?

Living with values and morals adopted and refined from my Jewish upbringing and military service is why those in my life consider me a “Nice Jewish Guy.”  I see myself as someone who lives a life of integrity, candor, selfless service, respect and courage – all qualities which make me stand out in the crowd.

What is your favorite Jewish food?

This question is like asking a parent to admit which child is their favorite.  Pastrami, knishes, matzoh ball soup, cholent, challah, Israeli salad and falafel are all great. However, I think that the true mark of Jewish food is the effort we put in to getting it right. I come from a family of kosher butchers so it’s no surprise that while I was stationed overseas I had hard salami and beef frye sent to me regularly. The greatest effort I’ve exerted so far was for great kosher dill pickles.  Earlier this year I tore out four trees (roots and all) from my father's backyard so that I could grow cucumbers and dill to make my own homemade dill pickles. They were not only my favorite, but the favorites of everyone who tried them.

Best Jew-y childhood memory?

I think my best Jew-y childhood memories all stem from being invited over to friends’ houses for Shabbos. Even though most of them were observant, which meant no TV and going to more services than I may have liked, I associate those memories of Shabbos with great food, acceptance and warmness, which I consider true characteristics of Judaism.

Describe your ideal woman.

My ideal woman would come in part from my interpretation of Immanuel Kant's Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime. I am in pursuit of the sublime over the beautiful. To me the sublime encompasses the truly important, lasting things such as genuine kindness, sweetness, smarts, critical thinking, affection, a nurturing demeanor and natural beauty over fleeting and superficial beauty.

What do you most wish you could change about Jewish girls?

I'd first like to say that I would never want to change anybody.  Everybody has the right to live their life the way they see fit as long it doesn't infringe on those rights of others.  In love, the right person is going to be perfect, flaws and all. 

That being said the thing I don't like about Jewish girls, or guys for that matter, are those who live up to negative Jewish stereotypes.  Despite my name, many people are surprised to find out that I'm Jewish.  I think the reason is that I don't fit many of the typical Jewish stereotypes. When a girl lives up to the negative stereotypes such as being whiny, overbearing and having a sense of entitlement like the clich├ęs of a Jewish-American princess, I am immediately turned off.

Has your recent calendar celebrity yielded any interesting romantic offers?

Not yet.  I think the Shiksas in my life love the "celebrity" status the most.  The calendar has been a hit with family, friends, army buddies and people at the gym. When I walk into the gym I am greeted as the “Nice Jewish Guy.”  Friends have jokingly wondered how long it would take for me to be a pinup.  Every time I go to an LA Galaxy game,my season ticket holder neighbor requests a signed copy of the calendar. However, I would be surprised if the calendar "notoriety" would lead to any “interesting romantic offers,” even if it was posted at every synagogue and sent to every Jewish mother and grandmother.

What's your best Nice Jewish Guy advice for winning over Jewish mothers? 

Just be genuine and honest in addition to all the other qualities of being a nice guy.  If you have to be flashy or go on a charm offensive, it's probably not worth the effort for a number of reasons.  I have had a few instances where the parents were more charmed by me than the girl I was courting.  


Don't you just wish you could have a calendar of your very own, to love and cherish for as long as you both shall live?  (i.e., for the duration of 2014?)

Well, you CAN, because I have an extra copy to give away!

To win, leave a comment on this entry with your funniest story about dating a Nice Jewish Guy.  (You can fictionalize an account if you have no real-life experience on which to base this.)  You can also tweet about this giveaway for an extra entry.  One winner will be randomly selected, although I will post the best stories when I announce the winner next week!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Name these cats!

Last week, I attended a cat foster orientation program through the Washington Humane Society.  The program provided some basic information about WHS and cat care, and after completing it, everyone was eligible to take home kitten(s)/cat(s) from the shelter.  The foster program frees up space in the shelter for more animals, allows more high maintenance animals (read:  kittens) to get the attention they need, and helps sick animals recover faster (lots of animals in the shelter contract upper respiratory infections).  It's also a good way for very shy animals to be adopted, since the shelter environment stresses those animals out and a stressed animal does not appear friendly to potential adopters.

A few days later, I was back at the shelter to pick up my two foster cats!  They are a bonded pair of two year-old boys who were found as strays after their owner threw them out of the house.  I assume they are brothers.

The black one is extremely outgoing --- he immediately took to me and follows me around the apartment everywhere I go.  I was brushing my teeth this morning, turned around for one second, and when I turned back he was in the sink.  I didn't even see him come into the bathroom!


The white one is very, very shy.  He spends most of his time hiding under the bed, although he will come out when he hears the bag of cat treats opening.  He's slowly warming up, but he's not letting me pet him yet (hence the crazy zoom utilized on all photos of the white cat).

[ETA:  I can tell that these cats are after my own heart because:  1) so far, they have shown no interest in destroying my purses, and; 2) they keep trying to get into my closet!]

The shelter named them Midnight (black one) and Leo (white one), but I'm not crazy about those names.  Help me come up with something better!

Here's what I've got so far:

Blackacre and Whiteacre
A bit of legal humor.  You know how in math class, when you are referring to an unknown variable you call it "x" or "y"?  In property law, when you are referring to an unknown or generic lot of property, you call it [color]acre.  Greenacre, blueacre, blackacre, whiteacre.  I was excited about these names at first, but they just haven't rolled off the tongue as I'd hoped.  Plus, non-lawyers will always be confused.

Pepper and Salt
My mom's suggestion.  Totally works, although I found it a little strange to call a cat "salt."  (Note that I love food names for cats.  Some of the kittens currently up for adoption are called "milkshake" and "ketchup" which I think is adorable.)

Wall-E and Hal

When the black one talks, it sounds just like the robot Wall-E from the beautiful Pixar movie of the same name.  Eve (Wall-E's robot girlfriend) would be a perfect name for the white one, but because the white one is actually a boy, I figured it needed a male name.  "Hal" is Wall-E's best friend and sidekick (although he is but a lowly cockroach).  Like Wall-E and Hal, the two cats are a bonded pair.

Yin and Yang
Because when the two play together, they sort of look like a yin-yang!

James and Barney

After James and Barney Stinson, interracial half-brothers on How I Met Your Mother.  This is my favorite of the options so far because the names are easiest to remember and say.  This pair of names would be totally legen --- wait for it, and I'm glad we're talking about cats because even though they are not supposed to have it some stereotypes still live on and this next word is --- DAIRY.  Legendary!

So, what do you think we should call these cats?  Also, if you live in the DC area and are interested in adopting them, let me know :-)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Available here.  (affiliate link)

Allie's book is out!  Who's excited?  Based on a quick skim of the table of contents, it looks like around half of the entries are original (or at least new to me), while the other half are already on Allie's blog somewhere.  I'll probably buy it just because I think she's great.

Also, the book ordering page she wrote is pretty cute.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Happy Paw-Nukkah!

The end of 2013 is in sight, and that means a few things:  gawking at the absurd price of holiday-time airfare, throwing plans together for what will surely turn out to be a lackluster New Years' Eve, and making charitable donations to reap the tax benefits in 2013.  Even corporations like to get in on the action, often offering to match the charitable donations of others made during this time.

Last week, on my way to work, I got an email from the Washington Humane Society (WHS), informing me that two foundations --- the Nelson P. Delavan Foundation and the Weir Foundation --- would be matching, dollar-for-dollar, all donations made to WHS before November 30.

Then, a day or two later, my law firm sent out an email, offering to match, dollar-for-dollar, all donations made before the end of the year, up to a maximum of $1,000 per employee.

I mentioned in my last post how much I love the fact that the WHS allows anyone with an interest to come in and play with the animals.  The dedicated staff and volunteers keep the shelter clean and do their best to keep all of the animals happy and healthy.  WHS is a no-kill shelter that accepts ALL animals surrendered in DC, so every pet that ends up there knows it stands a fighting chance.

This is a very generous offer and a great combination of events, as I can now make a modest donation to nonprofit that brings me the greatest joy and entertainment --- the Washington Humane Society --- and that modest donation will become a pretty decent one once it is matched by the Delavan and Weir foundations, and then matched again by my firm.  (Sadly, my firm's check will probably not arrive during the WHS's November 30 doubling period.)  My only regret is that I can't donate the full $1,000 maximum for my law firm matching program.

So, here's a crazy idea.

I get the sense from the comments on my previous post that we've got a couple of animal lovers around these parts.  What if I ran an online fundraiser for any interested parties?  If you feel like helping me take advantage of the fact that my firm will match any donation I make up to $1,000, here's what we're going to do:

*  Visit my fundraiser page over at  YouCaring is a free fundraising site that, unlike other sites, does not take a percent of your earnings to make a profit.

*  Make any donation you like, or none at all.

*  On November 27, the first night of Hanukkah, the fundraiser will end and I will donate whatever we raised to WHS.  I will post a screenshot of the donation once it is made.

*  Whatever amount we raise will be met by the Delavan and Weir foundations, and then matched again by my law firm (up to $1,000).  A $17 donation turns into $50, and $50 turns into $150. 

Note that even though my firm will only match donations up to $1,000, I will be donating the full amount raised through the fundraiser to the WHS, no matter how much it exceeds the $1,000 benchmark.

I'm excited about the chance to make at least a little bit of a positive impact for the WHS.  More money for them means more space, more supplies, and ultimately more animals who can find shelter and eventually permanent homes.

Absolutely no pressure to donate (aside from these heartbreaking animal photos).  I will only post about this three times over the next month:  once now, once a day or two before the deadline as a last reminder, and then once after the donation is made.  I just figured I'd let you guys know what I was up to in case you were interested in helping me reach that $1,000 benchmark.

Here's the link to my fundraiser again if you're interested.  Every little bit helps (and will become a big bit when all is said and done).  If you would rather donate directly to the WHS (which would be tax-deductible), you can do so here and your donation will be doubled by the Delavan and Weir foundations.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Damn it, Anthropologie.

1.  I don't drink much tea.
2.  I don't drink tea out of pots.
3.  I have never felt the desire to have a teapot.
4.  I still bought this because EFF, it's cute.  And maybe now I will host tea parties?

I feel like this is the very definition of an "aspirational brand."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Battling The Blahs

Hey everyone.  Sorry I've been MIA...I've been battling a serious case of the blahs.  I will return with outfit posts soon, but in the meantime, here are two of my favorite places to go to battle mild bouts of non-clinical depression:

Crossfit (or Exercise Generally)

One of my worst qualities as a human being is the fact that it is extremely easy for me to slip into complete physical inactivity.  I don't know how it happens; I will go from working out 3-5 times a week to ZERO for WEEKS.  However, I've noticed in the last few months that going more than two days without physical activity has a very dark effect on my mood.  It's wonderful to recognize this, as it's helped me both to keep a regular exercise schedule and to recognize the biological factors (i.e., lack of endorphins) that could be impacting my mood.  I like Crossfit, but I also try to bike or run if I don't feel like attending an exercise class.

Washington Humane Society

There's something comforting about hanging out with animals, especially when you have zero responsibility for cleaning up after them and just get to participate in the fun stuff, like cuddles and ear scratches.  I found myself at the Washington Humane Society's Northeast DC outpost one day just to look at the animals (this location is convenient running distance from my house), and to my delight I discovered not only a very friendly staff that is happy to have you hang out with the pets even if you are not adopting (and will not judge you if you sit on the floor for an hour with two kittens falling asleep in your lap), but there is also a room in the shelter called "Kitty City" (pictured above) that is basically just a room full of cats.  You can walk into the room and just pet whatever cat comes up to you looking to be pet.  It is an amazing mood-booster.  (If you don't have a humane society near you but still want to help the pets, why not buy something for the Humane Society next time you are on Amazon?  Our DC humane society has an Amazon wish list, and your local one probably does, too.  I threw a $4 set of newborn kitten bottles in with my last order of poker chips.)

How do you like to fight the blues?  Where are your happy places?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Witness my Food Shame

This soup is called "Cheeseburger Cheeseburger." Two cheeseburgers.
It consists of: a thick cheese base; small chunks of ground meat; small slices of onion.

And that's it. It's like eating macaroni and cheese, but without the macaroni and with small Progresso soup-sized globules of probably-beef.

The guys at Devon and Blakely actually laughed at me when I ordered it for lunch yesterday. Which, for the record, I don't do often but sometimes it just feels so wrong that it's right.
While we're on the subject, I also microwaved leftover weekend pancakes in the work break room this week. On three separate occasions.
I'm sorry, but only because I know I should be.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

District Sample Sale Review: Almost a Complete Disappointment

There are many, many things I love about living in DC. The relaxed pace of the city, which seems to balance work life and family life better than NYC ever could (for lawyers, at least). The low height of the buildings, which allows you to see sky even in the depths of downtown. The metropolitan nature of the place, meaning that there are very few cultural phenomena you miss out on, even if NYC gets some of them first.
One thing I don't love? The lack of fashion culture here.
Now I am FAR from a fashionista. I read Atlantic-Pacific with the same sense of impossible bewilderment as the rest of us pleebs. But I enjoy a good sale as much as the next gal, and I miss being able to check RackedNY's list of sample sales on any given day and find something more or less interesting.
That feeling of loss is part of what motivated me to try out District Sample Sale, despite the following misgivings:
* The sale did not feature brands, but rather DC-area boutiques, only a few of which I'd ever heard of.
* The sale cost $40 TO GET IN.
These misgivings were eventually overcome partially by the fact that I missed going to sample sales, but mostly by the fact that there would be cupcakes.
FWIW, Georgetown Cupcakes are tasty, but extraordinarily overhyped.
So I ponied up the $40 and checked out the scene with a good friend of mine. This year's event was held at a building called the Sphynx club (where, incidentally, my boyfriend ran a charity poker tournament last year). I found the line to get in to be calm, well-organized, and short. The layout of the vendors inside was impressive:
The food offerings were also impressive. For your $40 ticket price, you could sample small bites from a bunch of excellent local restaurants. Some of the items up for grabs included a mushroom gnocci, several varieties of gazpacho, a delightful english pea soup, crab sandwiches, and a seasonal cocktail made with apples and squash.
Cocktail by Federal. They torched the rosemary. TORCHED it.
I started with the food. While I doubted I would make up my $40 ticket price in clothing savings, I figured I could throw down at least $20 in appetizers. Also, there was a bar in the back of the venue offering wine and a few cocktails, but everything used "Skinnygirl" alcohol products which I think kind of suck? Am I wrong? Did you know Skinnygirl makes wine, too? Why would you skinnify wine? I feel like this is a step too far.
The salmon had some kind of tequila-type glaze. Tasty.
Upon descending into the madness of the actual sample sale, I immediately felt discouraged. None of the prices before my eyes were particularly startling...most things worth buying seemed to be about 50-60% off of already pretty expensive prices. Lots of $100-$150 dresses, etc.
Case in point: This necklace, advertised as "unique" and "marked down" to $40, sells at Eastern Market for $15 (and you can negotiate down to $12 or $10). Dissappointing.
I mentally gave up on the clothes and sat down at a chair in the back to get free hairstyling:
My instruction was to make it look like Michelle Williams' Louis Vuitton campaign. It ultimately looked nothing like that.
Ultimately, my friend found a cute chartreuse fabric purse with a blue lobster on it for $25, and I bought a scarf and a $65 necklace, mostly out of desperation but also because the necklace is very pretty and consists of real pearls/turquoise, somewhat justifying the price.
Overall, I am not sure if I got my $40 worth at this event. I probably did, but only if you add it up as follows:
$12 worth of booze (I'm not a heavy drinker, plus it was hard to hold wine glasses while shopping)
+ $10 worth of food ([wo]man cannot live on small bites alone)
+ $10 worth of a blowout (of course, this would have cost more than that if I'd gone to a salon, but I would not have been going to a salon so it's not really money saved)
+ $0 in discounts (although the necklace was theoretically reduced in price from "retail," I have my doubts that this piece ever went for $130, as it was sold by the same vendors as the above-posted-$40-Eastern-Market-necklace. Had I nabbed some kind of a deal beyond an ordinary sale price, I would have put that amount here
= $32, plus probably a movie-ticket's worth of fun with a friend, so that comes out to about $40.
Of course, you could always point out that I definitely spent some money I otherwise would not have spent had I not attended this event (on the necklace and a scarf), so what I'm saying is I have no idea how I come out on whether the sample sale was worth it.

Would I attend this event next year? Possibly. It is a decently fun girl's night out and I think I can deduct the cost of entry as a charitable donation (proceeds went to charity, after all). As long as you don't go with the intention of scoring OMGAMAZINGDEALS then it will probably be a few hours interestingly-, if not well-, spent.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

OOTD: It's the Remix to Ignition

I found myself repeating it yesterday with slightly different and more weekday-friendly pieces:

Maxi skirt swapped for a new knee-length diddy in a similar color, which I got during a Labor Day sale on Rue La La or some similar site. Tee-like top (which is work-appropriate with the right bottom, IMHO) subbed for a longer-sleeved boatneck top from this weekend's jaunt to the LOFT outlet. Payless black patent flats subbed for J.Crew black patent wedges.

Same tote because, seriously, how great is this tote?

Who says you don't need multiple black polka dot tops and pink chiffony skirts?
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