Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Tis the Sequin for Holiday Trends

Remember this lovely bolero Anthropologie put out last year?

Anthropologie Starshine Bolero, sold out

As you may recall, I bought this on sale last year and got a ton of wears out of it in December.  After December?  Less so, but it's still fun for weddings or girls' nights out (after an appropriate no-sequin-after-the-holidays resting period of a month or two).  Something interesting always seems to happen to me when I wear this bolero.

Biggest downside:  It conducts static electricity like a champ.

The key to fun seasonal accessories like this is to buy them on the cheap.  I was reminded of this bolero (and my philosophy on cheapness) while strolling through Forever 21 recently because they have a strikingly similar option available for <$30:

I could not ascertain the style number from the tag in the photograph, but maybe someone with more photoshop skills than I can do it.  This particular jacket doesn't seem to be online anymore, but I found these others:




...or the closest contender to the jacket I saw in the store (perhaps it is the same one?), this plus size cropped jacket:

(also available in black and silver) (here)

And incidentally, you can get 12% off your purchase at F21 today with code 12OFF.  Not significant really, but it's a nice bonus.

Do you embrace any holiday trends?  I will admit to buying a red tartan scarf the other week!

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