Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OOTD: Taking Strides (?)

Look, I took photos with a real camera last week!

In this Outfit:
Ann Taylor Loft Sweater (last year) (similar in stripeyness, similar and cheaper than that last one)
ASOS Peg Pants With Braces (but braces taken off) (US 10, maybe slightly big) (here) (similar)
Jessica Simpson Minna Wedge (9.5 - half size up) (here, although I can't recommend these shoes in black patent.  Don't get me wrong; I adore the shoes.  The height is perfect and the curve of the toe is perfect.  However, over the last few wears I've noticed that the black patent surface is very easily damaged.  It started with one scuff on the heel that rubbed off the patent coating (leaving the white under-material showing), requiring repair with a permanent marker.  I recently took them in an overnight bag and they came out looking even worse.  I have these shoes in the gray leather as well and while those scuff, they at least do not seem to be losing the outer coating.)
Kate Spade Kingsbury Park Shelby (similar for $80)
Magnifying Glass Necklace (thrifted/gifted) (similar) (similar on etsy:  here for $90, here for $50, here for $30, here for $15)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Mirrored Watch (here)
Tory Burch frames

Well, I didn't take the photos; a buddy of mine who is a burgeoning pro with a DSLR took them.  Now I know how all of those professional fashion bloggers with photog boyfriends feel when they go out in late afternoon to take outfit photos in ideal light:  It was fun to have someone around to pose me and tell me how to stand, look, etc.  It takes a lot of the pressure off!

Look at me.  So relaxed.

On the other hand, it applies a completely different kind of pressure.  It took me almost an hour to get dressed the morning we took these photos, and THIS was the best outfit I could come up with.  For some reason, knowing that someone was going to take time out of her day to take photos of my outfit with an actual GOOD camera made me feel like I had to wear something really special...but then after 45 minutes of tossing clothes around my room in an increasing frenzy I just had some sort of breakdown and put on comfy pants and a sweater.  And I don't even care that I mixed blue and black because I just needed to get out the door before 11:30.

The moment immediately before I put out this outfit is represented by the point marked "SYSTEM FAILURE."  (source)

Another thing that happened:  I learned that I am a really awkward walker.  We tried to take a very fashionable "walking" photo, and this is what we got (I post this because I like you guys and owe you some laughs):


Literally, the direction was, "Walk fashionably," and this is what I came up with.  Let me be clear:  I was not trying to be funny while posing for this photo; I was trying to channel Tyra Banks from an episode of America's Next Top Model.  Let me be even more clear:  this is one of the least exaggerated of the walking photos.  There were some where I looked even MORE like Gumby.

In fact, I think I am more gumby than Gumby.  Except that Gumby can keep his eyes open while he walks and I cannot.  (source)

So, in sum, I had a lot of fun taking real photos although it did confirm for me the fact that I do not have a future as a professional casual fashion model.  Ah well, I'll stick to law, I guess.

Thanks to my (anonymous) friend for the fun photo outing!  Maybe my modeling skills will improve over time?

(Also, PS, hey:  Did you notice that BHLDN is having a 40%-off-sale-items sale?  I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I'm drooling over a party dress.  They've also got adorable shoes (including some Chie Miharas!) and intimates, some of which are SUPER cheap with the extra 40% off!  FYI, the adjusted price will appear when you put the items in your cart.)

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