Tuesday, December 4, 2012

OOTD: On the Move

My firm had its litigation department holiday party in NYC last night, and it seemed like the perfect occasion to debut this Eva Franco dress I bought with Beyond the Rack credits and these Kate Spade wedges I'd been eying, which finally dropped to about $100 in a recent sale.

In this Outfit:
Eva Franco Katelyn Dress in Black Tweed (8) (similar tweed) (similar with black accents)
Necklace from Eastern Market in DC (similar under $30, similar under $40)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (here)
Kate Spade Kimmy Wedges (9, TTS) (here)
Coach Pave Ball Earrings (similar)
Fake YSL Arty Oval Ring (here)
Glasses c/o Firmoo (here)

Now, let me tell you something about these mofos.

Although they seemed TOTALLY COMFY and magical in the way that all wedges are (height! but less foot pressure than heels!) it became apparent as the day wore on that these shoes were going to require breaking in.  Which would have been fine, if I hadn't taken them with me on an overnight trip to the exclusion of any other shoes.

Brilliant, JG. Future MENSA president right here.

By the time I got back to my hotel room last night, I could barely put any weight on my right foot because my ankle was so mangled. Thankfully, I'm covered in bandaids today and the situation seems a bit brighter. And these shoes are so lovely that they are worth the initial pain of softening up this leather. I was confused for a fashion merchandizer yesterday, which I suppose is a compliment.

Also, can we talk about these glasses for a minute? These are the free glasses I got from Firmoo a while back. I've been wearing them this week because: a) My "year's supply" of contact lenses ran out because apparently a year's supply only lasts 48 weeks if you change them every two weeks instead of twice a month; b) My actual expensive frames are getting new lenses to fit my new prescription (incidentally, clearly it was a mistake to buy expensive frames because I am stuck getting expensive replacement lenses in them forever or else just abandoning the frames forever); c) I cannot wear contacts for a week because apparently my cornea is scratched; d) I need to see.

Anyway, these glasses get SO MUCH ATTENTION. They don't strike me as particularly awesome or stylish, but I guess they are just so darn noticeable that everyone comments on them, and they don't look *bad* so since people want to comment on them anyway they figure they might as well give me a compliment. My point being: not too shabby for $17, including Rx lenses (although these glasses were c/o). This definitely makes me reconsider defaulting to contact lenses every day.

Do you wear glasses or do you prefer contacts? If glasses, do you have multiple styles of frames? My expensive frames are more conservative, and it's kind of nice to have the option to wear something androgynous* or something chic-librarian, depending on my mood. I wonder if it's jarring for other people to see you wearing different frames on the regular?

* The (male) bartender at the firm holiday party last night was wearing similar frames!

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