Thursday, December 20, 2012

In-Case-Friday-Never-Comes Funday: Some Thursday LOLs

I've stumbled across a few fantastic spots in the internet lately, and I would be remiss if I did not share them with you.  Perhaps I should save these tidbits for a Friday funday, but if the world ends tomorrow then where would we be?

Some Dog .Gifs

This one was my favorite:

Although this one is actually me most nights:

Speaking of .gifs...

Check out this hilarious .gif one of my friends made, using my failed fashion modeling as inspiration:

Hey, I just have one thing to say:


Thanks for the awesome .gif, Michelle!  (Check out her blog here.)

Worst Autocorrect Mistakes

Oh man, you guys MUST check this out.  Some of these are HORRIBLE!

...and those are not even the WORST-worst ones!

Post-Rapture Pet Care

Wondering what will become of your pets after the rapture?  Fear no more!  These athiests will take care of them.



For a Mere $150, George Takei Will Help You Come Out to Your Families During Christmas Dinner

"And if ANY of you motherf*ckers try to give him ANY kind of sh*t about it, I will come back here and F*CK YOUR SH*T UP.  Let him be gay, damn it."

Awesome Piano Rendition of "That's What Makes You Beautiful"

Don't even try to pretend that you are too cool for One Direction or that you don't like this song.  I have never seen a piano played quite this way before --- the video is enthralling!

Edited to add these two twitter burns found on my Facebook newsfeed:

See also, the subsequent back and forth:



Have you found anything worthwhile around the internet lately?

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