Thursday, November 29, 2012

OOTD: Variations on a Theme, Part Two


I am loving winter teal. Can't get enough of it. I saw someone in the office wearing teal pants today and I almost shouted at her, "TEAL! I LOVE IT!" but I feared the shock would cause her to fall over and then I would get in trouble. So instead I just gave her a knowing look. A look that said simply: "Teal."

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While I am sure of my love for teal, I am still on the fence about maxi skirts at the office. I love this maxi skirt, and I've worn it to the office twice before. I feel like it worked both times, although the second outfit is probably a bit more professional than the first:

(Outfit posts here and here)

But every time I contemplate another outfit utilizing the maxi skirt, the words of a random Corporette article about Maxi skirts at the office ring in my ears:

". . . I cannot endorse a maxi dress or maxi skirt at the office unless you really, really have a very creative, free wheeling kind of office, in which case, hey, knock yourself out. (And I say this as someone who loves me a maxi skirt for the weekend, or for summer nights, or for working from home — super comfortable!) They’re just too vacation-y, too breezy, too “where’s my mai tai?” for the office."

I mean, on the one hand, I totally get it. On the other hand, I want all of my maxi skirt outfits to be the exception to this rule. :-\

Am I smoking fashion crack here? Do you think maxi skirts are de facto inappropriate for the office, or do you think there are ways to style them so that they look crisp and professional? I'm willing to concede that they should not be worn on days you know you have client meetings/presentations/etc., but for your day to day, this is fine, right? I wouldn't mind running into my boss partners in the halls wearing an outfit like this, but then again I tend to veer a bit toward the "Just put a blazer on it and you're good to go" end of the spectrum.

I don't know; what do you think?

In this Outfit:
Anthropologie Lengthening Rays Maxi Skirt (4, one size down) (a little bit similar, but mullet-y) (on ebay)
Old Navy Top (S) (different patterns)
Kate Spade Doodles Pen necklace (similar on etsy)
Kate Spade Head in the Sand Melinda (similar in color and texture; similar in color and shape)
Old Navy Sueded Pointed Toe Flats (9, TTS) (here)
Style & Co. Blazer (similar on sale at Kohl's for $33, similar also at Kohls' for $46)
Michael Kors Davenport Chronograph Watch in Rose Gold ($100 here on ebay for another day)
Bracelet from Payless (similar at Kate Spade; cheaper and chunkier)
Hairpin from Modcloth (free with order of something else)
Earrings from Eastern Market (Kate Spade, $22, $10)

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