Monday, November 19, 2012

OOTD: Narcisso Rodriquez for Kohl's

I LOVE the designer collaboration trend. LOVE it. Even when poorly executed, I relish the idea that high-fashion designers are beginning to realize that inventive design can be made accessible at a number of price points at a great profit and without diluting the value of their brand.

The other week, Kohl's released its designer collaboration with Narcisso Rodriquez. Now, I own one piece by the regular Narcisso Rodriguez (gifted from a very lovely and generous partner who no longer wore it):

Narcisso Rodriguez Skirt (outfit here)

However, I could not resist the siren call of Kohl's 30% discount on all NR items right out of the gate, along with free shipping and a good return policy, so I placed a few items in my cart.

Here's the dress I decided to keep:

In this Outfit:
Rodriguez for Kohl's DesigNation (size S, although the size chart said I should have been a M) (is this seriously sold out already? I don't see it on the website)
Old Navy Sueded Pointed-Toe Flats (here) (TTS)
Kate Spade Baxter Street Priscilla Purse (on sale here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Marci Watch (here)
Initial necklace gifted from great aunt (similar)
J.Crew Tights (similar for $13.50)

I can't tell whether this dress is flattering or not? I know that it feels like I'm wearing pajamas when I have it on, and that it's machine washable AND TUMBLE-DRYABLE and all of these things are just fine by me. I realize it's supposed to be kind of sacky, but is it too sacky? My shoes got all of the compliments when I wore this outfit to work, so I can't tell if the dress was a whiff or if it works for me.

Thoughts? I suppose I could try belting it, but that seems to defeat the sackalicious pajamarama purpose of the whole thing.

Did you buy anything from the Narcisso Rodriquez collaboration yet? Are you going to? Any collabs you are particularly looking forward to?

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