Monday, October 29, 2012

Blog Sale (plus a pre-Hawaii OOTD)

One of the items on my to-do list for the last four months has been to list a pile of new items for sale on my "Stuff Jewish Girls Aren't As Fond of Anymore" blogsale blog. This past week, after cleaning out my closet and added even more items to the pile, I finally went through the (four-hour) process of putting them all online.
Yeah, it was a mission.
The items are sorted by type. There are a bunch of Anthropologie items (ctrl+F to find them quickly) and lots of J.Crew as well. Most items are $10-$20 except for an Armani Blazer, a pair of Italian boots I'm trying to recoup the cost of, and two popular Anthro dresses and one popular Anthro cardigan.
Check it out at my sale blog here...all proceeds are going towards my student loans!
Also, here's a quick backlogged OOTD -- before I show you my new haircut, I want to get through the backlogged outfits! I wore this to work shortly before leaving for Hawaii and the only thing anybody noticed was my glasses!
Old Navy 3/4 Sleeve Button Tab Blouse
J.Crew Royal Paisley Pencil Skirt
Seychelles Password Pumps
Michael Kors Chronograph Watch
Classes c/o Firmoo (here) (reviewed here)
Coach Necklace
Sara Aghili Ring
Kate Spade Rhinestone Studs
Are any of you in storm-affected areas today? Our office is closed, but I am still expected to work from home! So far it just looks like a lot of rain, not much wind.

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