Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Review: Firmoo Glasses (everyone gets a free pair! (?))

Recently, a company named Firmoo contacted me to ask that I write a review of their online service, which provides extremely inexpensive prescription lenses online. I was intrigued by the website...several pairs (with prescription lenses!) ring up at under $15, which is a downright steal. I wear prescription contacts but have several pairs of glasses on hand for days when I feel like mixing things up. I agreed to write the review.
As I made my way through Firmoo's online inventory, I came to appreciate the search functionality, which allows you to filter by fields like size, shape, gender, color, and price. Some of these fields are not fully functional (i.e., filtering by "women" needlessly leaves out appropriate "unisex" glasses; Firmoo, perhaps those buttons could allow you to select multiple options instead of being exclusive radial buttons?). There is also a virtual try-on feature, which allows you to upload your own photo to see how a given pair of glasses would look on your face.
I settled on this pair, which seemed different enough from my conservative Tory Burch frames to warrant a place on my face.
Unisex Acetate Full Frame Glasses in Tortoise (SD2300) ($17.50 with lenses) (here)
The glasses arrived in about a week. They were packaged well and came with a cute eyeglasses case with an oh-so-hipster map print on it.
Overall, these glasses felt like a reasonable quality. Sturdy plastic, tight hinges (with a glasses screwdriver thing included in the packet) and the prescription felt right. I like the oversized look, and one of my coworkers aptly commented that these glasses made me look like the old man from the movie "Up."
Sure, I can see the resemblance! And I like it!
The best part --- and this is where I could most use your feedback for future updates of this review --- is that Firmoo promises a free first pair of glasses, including prescription lenses, to everyone! (Click here for more details --- seems like you have to pay shipping.)
The reason why I am skeptical of this claim, and why I'd be curious to know whether any of you cash in on this offer, is that review aggregators for Firmoo show an extreme mix of positive and negative reviews (as in, lots of 5/5 stars, lots of 1/5 stars).
From (out of 15 reviews)
The most common complaint appears to be extremely slow shipping time. One negative review even mentions trying to get free glasses but seeing a never-ending countdown-to-availability timer indicating that her glasses would NEVER be available for free.
I personally experienced reasonable shipping time and my glasses were immediately available, but then again I was asked to write a review of my experience and did not submit my order through the website but rather through someone I assume is a PR person. (FYI, bloggers, more info on free glasses --- no shipping charge! --- for review purposes here.)
So, overall, I am very happy with the quality of my old man glasses and the speed with which they arrived at my door. Moreover, I'm supremely intrigued at how dirt cheap these prescription lenses are. You really cannot find deals like this elsewhere. However, I would proceed with caution when ordering from this website in the future, as the negative reviews about shipping delays and falsely advertised free glasses do give me pause. I would probably still give Firmoo a go on my own, but only for one pair and with the understanding that I may have to be a bit of a squeaky wheel to get my money refunded if I experience similar shipping delays as some other online reviewers.
What do you think? Will you give Firmoo a shot?
Disclosure: In exchange for this review, I received the above-mentioned pair of glasses for free. The opinions here are (obviously) my own. I was not otherwise compensated.

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