Friday, September 21, 2012

Poker Tournament in DC This Weekend! (Also, want a poker lesson?)

I've got a huge number of backlogged outfits to post, but I've given up hope of getting those photos up today since I would actually like to accomplish something at work... 

(I want to be all like this...)

(But I've actually spent most of the day so far like...) allow me to take a moment and plug a great poker event happening in D.C. this weekend!  (Disclosure: my boyfriend is running the event!) 

Apologies to those who don't live near D.C. and for whom this isn't relevant;* feel free to tell me about your weekend plans in the comments, or just poke your head into yesterday's entry about magical kitchen gadgets! (here)

[*  Sidenote:  Are any of my D.C. area readers interested in learning to play poker?  A lot of women I meet IRL tell me that they wish they could play poker, and I love teaching people how!  I don't pretend to be an expert, but I know enough to get you started.  If so, it might be fun to get together for an afternoon for Poker 101 or some such thing.  Let me know in the comments and maybe we can put something together.  It would be free of course (or BYO baked goods).]

The event is a charity poker tournament taking place on Sunday, September 23.  It will be held at Hill Country BBQ Market (410 7th Street NW), which is probably in the top handful of places to eat BBQ in the District.  It starts at 11am and will last until 8 or 9 pm.

The best part?  Not only is your buy-in tax deductible, but it also goes to charity!  (There's a cause-and-effect relationship between those two things.)

The charity is called the Writing on the Wall Project, which is a non-profit initiative aimed at helping Montebello (an inner-city Baltimore) residents create a mural in their neighborhood within the next month. 

Another of Shawn James' Baltimore Murals

The Montebello mural's theme will be about health.  Says the Project: 

"The long-term benefits of the arts, particularly for youth-at-risk, have been proved over and over. Just this year, the National Endowment for the Arts released a report that showed that teens and young adults showed higher academic achievement, greater career aspirations and more civic engagement if they were involved consistently in music, dance, theater or the visual arts."

The buy-in is $195 in advance until 7pm on Saturday, $220 at the door.  You can sign up at this link right here, which you should click.  Also, you can find a lot more details about the tournament behind that link.  Prior top prizes have been between $5k-$10k!

Even better than a $10k top prize?  Yours truly will be one of the poker dealers!

Why doesn't my table look amused?

Hope to see you Sunday!  (Or on some undetermined future day when I teach you to play poker.)

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