Wednesday, September 26, 2012

OOTDs: Embracing the Frump

I'm sure I've mentioned this on the blog before, but I'm a few pounds above my comfy weight right now.  I'm slowly making my way back down in somewhat of a haphazard fashion, but in the meantime I've found that there are some days when I just want to throw on something boxy.

Of course, I had those days before I gained a few pounds, so I'm not sure this preamble was even necessary.

Ikat Shirt from Forever 21 (M)
ASOS pants (8) (here) (These are part linen, so they get very wrinkly in your sit-places.  Not sure I recommend these, but damn do I love the color.  Plus they are $20 with free shipping and free returns, so...)
Target Merona Maire Peep Toe Wedges ($13 here)
Kate Spade "It Takes All Sorts" Necklace
Michael Kors Watch

Anthropologie Dress (S)
Anthropologie Dasara Belt
Kate Spade Studs
Michael Kors Watch
ALDO shoes (ugh, I hate ALDO but I like these shoes)
Sarah Aghili Ring ($7.50 and I LOVE it!) (here)

I'm wearing something more chic and fitted today to maintain the balance...although I'm also wearing these guys so perhaps I'm just going through a frumpy phase?

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