Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion's Night Out in DC

Last night, I managed to leave work early enough to explore Fashion's Night Out (FNO) in DC's Georgetown shopping area. I've felt the shopping itch after being on a strict budget for the last several months and I have definitely been on a bit of a bad streak with breaking my shopping budget this month.*
The event was fun, and you could tell that lots of ladies decided this type of thing would be the perfect way to spend a night out with the girls.

You can see the photo area in front of banana, along with a man standing on stilts covered in balloons?
(I saw an absurd number of J.Crew bubble necklaces, incidentally, along with lots of random clothing choices and several very short miniskirts. Maybe I'm just a judgmental jerk, but everyone I saw made me think either, "She's trying too hard" or "She's not trying hard enough." I probably fall into the latter category so I shouldn't be so quick to throw stones...but being judgy quietly in your own head can be kind of fun!)
There was a dancing pavilion set up in a parking lot and several participating bars served fashion-themed drinks. A bunch of stores set out treats and beverages while a few offered special events like hair-braiding services (at Madewell).
There were photo areas set up along the main strip where you could take your photo against a FNO backdrop and then email it to yourself. I did this, but let's just say I am not a model so I won't be sharing that photo! But here's what I wore:
Skirt: Banana Republic (old)
Shirt: Modcloth Tumbling Clouds Top (purchased for $11 last week! I actually got some good, wearable stuff at Modcloth this time around, unlike my last experience!)
Shoes: Old Navy Flats (these -- they are fantastic)
Necklace: Forever 21 (old)
Watch: Michael Kors Davenport Watch in Rose Gold
Earrings: Kate Spade
I ended up buying three tee shirts at Madewell (LOVE that hi-line tee) and one item at Anthro:
Should I keep the skirt? I'm trying to figure out what colors I could wear with it besides white, black, tan, and this periwinkle-ish top.
Speaking of spending, I'm heading to Atlantic City this weekend! Do you have any fun plans?
* Perhaps it's the relief of having paid off the first student loan, or the knowledge that I am about to get two pay raises in the next four months? Anyway, I'm confident that I will be back on track next month. I tend to have brief lapses after any period of restriction, whether with food or with money, which become less frequent or extreme over time as long as I remain patient and realistic with myself. But as my off-plan shopping behavior draws to a close, perhaps I will share my sale haul! It's been a while since we've/I've had one of those.

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