Sunday, August 19, 2012

Working for the on the Weekend

So, this is how a 90-hour week ends (when you're not on trial):  I'm sitting in my office right now drafting something, wearing no makeup, and wondering what part of my body is emitting that faintly unsettling smell I keep smelling.

In other words, I have seen better days.

But hey, I got the brilliant idea to create a Pandora station based around "Call Me Maybe," so I've literally been bopping in my desk chair for the last few hours.  WHY didn't I do this sooner?!

(Do yourself a favor and type "Call Me Maybe" into that little box.  Trust me on this one.)

And aside from my sweet tunes, I had a big professional win on Friday so I'm still running on excess enthusiasm.  In other words, it could be worse!  (Except for that smell.  SERIOUSLY.  Is that my feet?)

Anyway, here's what I'm wearing:

Sunday at the Office

(No photos because of aforementioned state of hygiene.)

How was your weekend?

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