Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rex Broke It (a.k.a., a spur-of-the-moment-trip-to-the-Olympics Kind of Guy)

Hey, do you guys remember my friend Rex?

He wrote a guest post for me last year (you can read it here), and he's just generally an all-around interesting, fun person to count as a friend.

AnYhOo, Rex went to London on a whim a few weeks ago because he thought NBC's Olympic coverage was terrible.  (I know.  When I think TV coverage is terrible, I stay on my lazy bum and change the channel.  But this is what makes Rex so interesting and fun.)

If you're curious about a funny everyman's take on the Olympics, take a gander at his video.

There are a few LOLs in there.  Mostly it feels like having a chat with your cool buddy about a spur of the moment idea that turned into a great trip.

Did you guys follow the Olympics?  Are you going through withdrawal now that it's over?  (It's over, right?)

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