Friday, August 24, 2012

OOTD: More Lessons in Distraction (office edition)

I don't know why, but I woke up on Monday morning dead-set on wearing this dress.

Why? Couldn't tell ya. I saw it on Zosia Mamet's character on Girls a month or so ago and I suppose it's been in my mind ever since....probably because I bought this at the Leifsdottir sample sale way back in December 2010 (here) thinking I would wear this to all "spring and summer weddings" forever. Number of times I have worn it? Once. To a law school prom-ish thing.

Zosia Mamet is on the left. After twenty minutes of google-stalking, this was the best picture I could find. :-\

(The less I shop, incidentally, the more I notice the number of clothing items I bought thinking I would wear them OMG ALL THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING and instead have sat in my closet gathering dust.)

So, I was on a mission to wear this dress to work. The only problem? It was maybe a half inch to an inch shorter than I'd prefer for the office.

That's where this absurd pink flower comes in.

I bet you didn't even notice the length of my dress (or are thinking, "What? It's fine?"). I credit this utter distraction and disorientation to the huge pink flower adorning my lapel. Nobody is looking at my knees (and the proximity of my dress thereto) while WTF-ing an accessory like this.

In high school, we weren't allowed to wear any shorts or skirts that did not extend past our fingertips when we held our arms straight down at our sides. At least I passed that standard...


In this Outfit:
Leifsdottir Ole Dress in Valencia Rose (8)
H&M White Blazer
Michael Kors Watch (similar -- mine is rectangular like this one too, but with a rose gold background)
Pink Flower was free; for some reason it was thrown in with a Kate Spade online order from a while back
Pink Square earrings from Payless (they came in a six-pack with a few other solid colors and a few animal prints. I've gotten a weird amount of mileage out of these!)
J.Crew Enamel Bangle

Yes, meet my second pair of oh-so-generously bestowed Manolo Blahniks (read more here):


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