Thursday, August 9, 2012

OOTD: If I Sound Like I'm Complaining...

...I don't actually mean to complain. We need a word for bitching without pessimism and with an understanding of how good one's life truly is. Is there a word for that? Is it just "venting"?

Lots of wonderful things are going on in my life lately. Work has been busy and satisfying, my personal life is fulfilling, and my boyfriend and I just booked a massive vacation to Hawaii for September/October.

I think I'm just going through---or starting to come out of---a very lazy phase.

Do you ever have those?

I can tell I'm in a lazy phase when I don't want to do anything except the most basic functions needed to take care of myself and be a productive individual. I don't want to eat healthy foods, I don't want to exercise, and I barely want to brush my teeth or wash my face or make an effort getting dressed. Those last two things sound less lazy and more depressive, I suppose, but they FEEL lazy and not depressive, for what that's worth.

Am I the only one?

Anyway, I think I'm slowly coming out of a three-week lazy phase and I gotta say, it feels nice to be back. I forgot to set my alarm this morning but I still woke up in time to get to work without rushing. I decided to ride my bike into the office for the first time in weeks and was reminded of why I like doing that.

Here's what I'm wearing today:

I feel mostly great in this outfit, although this skirt has gotten pretty tight around my hips in light of my summer weight gain. Ah well, I'm working on it.

Also, these shoes? Can I just show you a gross close-up of my unpedicured feet for a second?

These are Manolos.


As in, the amazing, wonderful, no-way-I-can-ever-repay-her-except-through-donation-of-my-first-born, power partner who gave me the infamous Jimmy Choos gave me THREE PAIRS OF BRAND NEW MANOLOS she no longer fits into awleknfliandlfnlasdnflakneal. That was me having a small seizure on the face of my iPad.

I mean, seriously. This makes me want to go out and find a billion-dollar client for the firm to somehow adequately thank her for being so generous with shoes she could easily sell on eBay for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. (Are any of you readers out there billion-dollar clients? Any cases we can handle for you?)

Any ideas on how to express gratitude in a situation like this? I sent flowers after the Jimmy Choos but based on her reaction I think she would have preferred I not do anything. But I can't not do ANYTHING, amirite? I was thinking of making something creative, like baked goods or a comic book telling the tale of the Manolos in some humorous scenario. What do you think?

(Also, can I just say that I'm utterly petrified of destroying these? I have Jimmy-Choos-breaking-on-the-street PTSD here. I adore these shoes (and the TWO OTHER PAIRS!!11!!) but know that even if I make it to the point in my life, G-d willing, where I can afford several pairs of Manolo Blahniks, I will not be able to bring myself to buy them because I am so hard on shoes and I know that eventually they will be destroyed. Those of you with nice shoes, how do you take care of them?)

So yeah, in summary, things are good even if my clothes are fitting a little tightly lately.

In this outfit:
Anthropologie Wrap Around Blouse by Portrait of a Girl (6)
(I don't know where this skirt came from and I'm wearing it so I'm not going to look at the tab, but it's several years old anyway and probably came from Filenes)
Earrings from Etsy (defunct seller)
Michael Kors watch (similar by Michael Kors)

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