Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend DIY -- Anthropologie King's Court/Party Animal Necklace

Yesterday, I tackled one of the DIY projects that I bought materials for months and months ago, but never actually executed:

Anthropologie called this the King's Court necklace and it retailed for $40. It eventually went on sale for $20, but I did not buy it because I could not find the hedgehog version. I already have a previous iteration of this necklace in tiger form, known as the Party Animal necklace:

(OOTD here)

To make my own King's Court hedgehog necklace, I utilized, a craft store, and this great tutorial (which I did not follow exactly to a tee).

The Materials:

  • Plastic animals (ignore the big tub; I ended up using these by Safari LTD, available on Amazon for $10 for 12 animals. Safari LTD appears to be the same brand as used in the Anthro necklaces) (click here for the jungle animals (i.e., my tiger necklace) and here for all Safari LTD animals -- dinosaurs, ocean, Australia, and trees to name a few!).
  • Beads (only one needed for the hat, but I bought a string of them)
  • Necklace clasps
  • Would have been nice to have some small jewelry making rings, too (like these), but I didn't have any so I just used extra clasps
  • Chain (I bought five feet...about half of that was for the necklace chain, and the other half was to wrap around the animal)
  • Rhinestones (these worked well -- 5mm size)
  • Plastic glue (here in a three-pack)
  • Buttons (I just used some spare buttons I keep handy)
  • Fabric scraps (I ended up not using any fabric, but I had a few of those bags that spare buttons come in when they are attached to clothes in the same fabric as the clothes so you remember which button goes know what I'm talking about?)
Total cost:
$31, with enough left over to make eleven more necklaces, except that I would need to buy more chain and clasps for a couple additional bucks each.

To make the necklace, I started by wrapping my chain around the belly of my hedgehog. I wrapped it so that the two ends of the chain met at the top, and then I connected them with a clasp (this is where a regular jewelry ring would have come in handy). I then linked ANOTHER clasp to this connecting clasp, and I used that to connect the hedgehog to the main chain.

I used plastic glue on both ends of the chain to keep it from sliding off the hedgehog. I glued a colorful button on its head and then glued a bead on top of the button. Then I selected four rhinestones in coordinating colors and glued them in a line along the back chain. I used tweezers to place the stones. Finally, I added one rhinestone to the top of the bead to cover up the bead hole.

I was impatient and let the glue dry for less than 24 hours before wearing the necklace today.  (The glue recommends 24-72 hours drying time.)

The Result:

Cute, no? More angles:

Because everything is glued together, it's not as sturdy as the Anthro version (which utilizes a lot of drilling).

(The Anthro version; the bead appears drilled in, as does the loop in the tiger's back.)

As a result, I fear I will lose pieces if I bump it hard against something. I suppose time will tell!

In the meantime, I'm pretty happy with this little guy!

I hope you all had lovely weekends!  There is some lively discussion happening on my last post if you feel like getting political today...

(PS: DIY update --- Both of my terrariums eventually died! I think because I kept them out of sunlight and watered them with a cup and not a spray bottle, and there just was not enough drainage.  So basically I did everything wrong.  I will try again with cacti!  Haha.)

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