Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Shades of Yellow

It's a shame this outfit got so wrinkled because I felt adorable in it.

Perhaps it's because the color scheme evokes the taste of a strawberry lemonade? That sweet association makes it possible for me to overlook not only the wrinkles but also the fact that the yellow items in this outfit are actually three slightly different shades of yellow.

So basically, what I'm saying is, I was a mess but I didn't care.

How do you like this yellow bag? I acquired it two or three years ago in somewhat of a dad bought me a matching Coach bag and wristlet from the Coach outlet that I did not like. I went to the regular Coach store to return it, despite the fact that they do not accept returns from the outlet, because I was not 100% sure my dad's gifts were from the outlet. (They were.) Anyway, the store refused to accept the wristlet, but for some reason the larger bag scanned as a regular-store item so they allowed me to exchange it for anything in the store up to $400. (I think the price of the bag in the outlet was closer to $150.)

My dad wasn't thrilled that I exchanged his gift, but he was pretty impressed that I was able to benefit from such a pricing mistake.

Anyway, that's how this bag happened.

I love that the bag can be worn on the shoulder or as a cross-body.

Over the course of a year or two it became terribly discolored and stained to the point where I no longer wanted to wear it because it looked so dirty. I finally nutted up and took it to some leather cleaners who repainted it and restored it to its original glory. (Truly, they did a FANTASTIC job. It looks like a brand new Coach bag, not a repainted old Coach bag.) (I used the guys at 1800 I Street NW if you live in DC.)

And because it took them 10 times as long to fix as they originally said it would take, I insisted upon a rebate or a free shoe repair to ease my frustration, upon which they agreed. So now I'm a very happy customer with a very happy bag! I just wish there was more summer left in which to wear it...

In this outfit:
J.Crew tank
Jones NY skirt (originally listed on my sale blog, but I'm probably not selling it anymore) (also, I have a TON of new stuff to list for you guys)
Seychelles Password Pumps (9) (TTS)
Kate Spade Wish You Were Here bangle [ETA:  similar here on sale for $66.  As I mention in the comments section, this is kind of a hard bracelet to wear...I find it only goes with solid colors and it feels silly to wear in the winter.]
Earrings from Eastern Market in DC
J.Crew factory resin droplet necklace (here)

[Edit:  check out Jyoti's lovely sketch of this outfit on her blog here!]

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