Friday, July 6, 2012

More tales of heroism (i.e. wearing a black blazer)

This summer, I am simultaneously grappling with two very first-world problems.

  1. Weight gain. Our law firm has a "summer program" each summer in which we try to recruit law students to the firm by giving them a cushy summer job and taking them out to fancy lunches almost every day. As a result, I have been eating very fancy lunches several times a week (sometimes every day). I gained about seven pounds when *I* was a summer associate, and now I'm on track to gain about the same (five pounds so far, 2/3 of the way through the program). Of course this weight comes off once the summer is over and normal eating/exercise habits return, but it means that I look and feel and am a bit chunkier than usual.
  2. Lack of outfit planning. I am riding my bike into work each day, and normally I wear workout clothes for the ride, pack a work outfit in my bag, and take a shower in the gym in the office basement before heading up to my office. Because I don't try on my work outfits the night before, sometimes the outfit I put together doesn't quite...come together.
I feel as though all of these factors converged for me the other week when I came face to face with this disaster:


(I deleted the side view shot, which I originally intended to post, because I really don't need that photo floating around the Internet. Suffice it to say I looked preggo.)

If I would have had to go through the workday like this I may have just opted to stay in my workout clothes. I mean, I haven't been hiding recent pictures from you all just because I gained a few've been seeing recent outfits and I don't THINK any of them are this unflattering.

Anyway, this is yet another reason why every woman should keep a snappy black blazer in her office. Check out what an easy fix this was:

In this outfit:
Ann Taylor blazer
J.Crew Minnie pants (6 tall)
Anthropologie shirt (XS---tried a small and it seemed too least at the time...)
J.Crew factory cluster earrings (30% off at the factory this weekend!)
J.Crew factory Resin Droplet necklace (here)
Jimmy Choo sling backs (gifted!!) (I have a tragic story to tell you about these)
Michael Kors watch (similar)

Ahhh, much better.

Also, just to provide further proof that the black blazer can make things better even in the most dire of situations, I present exhibit 150, in which I was treated to a surprise dinner at Fogo de Chao immediately after a softball game and threw on my black blazer to make sure I could get in the front door:

Do I recommend this? No. Did it work? Yes.

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