Monday, July 9, 2012

I couldn't not. Or could I not have?

Witness the first new wear-able thing I have purchased for myself since committing to a strict loan repayment plan a few months ago (see here):

Kelsi Dagger Genelle Wedge 

I first saw these shoes months ago on Ideeli, and the next day on Ruelala, and both times I decided not to buy them.  I have since kicked myself nearly every day because I adore this shade of green and while I hate open toes I can definitely handle a small peep toe. 

At least once a week I have put on an outfit and thought about how these shoes would have perfected it.  I looked for them a few times in the weeks immediately following their appearance on my sample sale websites, but to no avail; they were either sold out in this color or twice the price I balked at initially.

Then, struck with another pang of love this morning, I googled them again and found them on Bluefly in my size and on sale!  With only two pairs left in my size!  Plus, Bluefly offers 25% off your first purchase for signing up to their email list.  (The available stock of size nine shoes went down to one while I was inputting my information into the system and they now appear to be sold out in that size but are still available in 7.5, 8, 8.5, and 9.5.)  (Also available at in black and peach for even less -- $40.)

My weekly budget refreshes on Sunday and I had a little bit of leftover money last week, so, happily, these shoes were within my budget and are on their way to me.  Who knows --- when they arrive I may hate them in person and return them, but at least I feel as though this particular online purchase was properly considered over the course of several months before it was ultimately made. 

(And moments later, I went across the street to my bank to deposit the cash from my weekly cash-only budget into my checking account to cover the purchase, which was made on my credit card.)

Which, when combined with a weekend full of eating out, leaves me with...$17.  Which is supposed to last until...Sunday morning.  Ehh, I'll let you know how this works out.

But I suppose that means this cute cuff will have to wait:

(found via Look4Less)

Man, it's amazing to think about how much money I used to spend each week just clicking "submit order" as soon as the urge struck to buy something.  You know what I mean?  I was moments away from buying these Seychelles cuties on a whim last week because they were only $30 on at the time (no longer available):

...but then I reminded myself that I could set aside that $30 to put towards something I have wanted even longer (like an ice cream maker, or the shoes I ended up buying today)!

It's been very difficult to resist sales at my favorite stores (Anthro, Madewell, and J.Crew I am looking at you here), but it's so satisfying to look at my credit card statement and see almost entirely work-reimburseable expenses and to see money in my bank account that I know will be going towards loans.  I think I'll be paying my first loan off completely in the next week!

On top of that, today I realized I'll be getting a nice bump in my take-home pay starting in October (about 15-20% increase, depending on taxes).  That will all go towards my snowball payment, which will essentially double the amount I can put towards my student loans each month!  Yahooooo progress!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends!  At least Monday is almost over...and I'll be seeing Coldplay in concert after work tonight!  (It's a free work event!  Thank Pete for our law firm's summer program, weight gain be darned!)

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