Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Funday: The tragedy of the free Jimmy Choos, as told in .gifs

(said tragedy was originally referenced in this post)

So, I rode my bike into work in the morning like I usually do, all like,

When I went to change clothes, I realized...eff, I didn't bring any shoes.

After realizing I didn't have any shoes for work except ratty sneakers I was like,

But then I remembered that I had a few pairs of shoes from Target in my office that I'd planned to return, so I could just wear one of those in a pinch.  So I was trying both pairs on in the bathroom mirror, trying to decide which one to keep like,

When a power partner saw my struggle and was like,

She offered me two pairs of old shoes she kept in her office that she no longer wears.  I was like,

And then it turned out the two pairs of shoes she no longer wanted were both Jimmy Choos, and I was all,

I told my girlfriends and they were like,

But when I told my boyfriend that I got two pairs of JIMMY CHOOS he was all,

But then one of the shoes was already broken at the heel.  But I was still happy with the other pair like,

Then I took the unbroken pair of shoes to NYC on a trip with the BF and I was walking a few blocks to a power lunch

but then THAT pair of shoes broke at the same heel!  I was all,

The next day, I accidentally left the newly-broken shoes on the floor of the hotel room.  I didn't realize it until after we got back to DC, when I was like,

I asked BF if he'd noticed that I left a pair of broken Jimmy Choos in the room and he was like,

I was sitting there like,

He said he thought I didn't want them because they were broken and I was like,

I called the hotel but they said they didn't have them.  At first I was all,

And when I realized that housekeeping probably kept them,

So I spent a few days being like,

Now I'm just,

And this is why I can't have nice things.

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Jamie said...

What a fabulous collection of gifs...and I'm so sorry to hear of your loss :( I've never broken a heel, but I don't think I would survive it, honestly. I respect your inner strength, as you appear to still be lawyering away. Go you!!!

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